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  1. Shoes have been sold. Thanks for the interest!
  2. Size 8, unaltered and dry cleaned, essense of australia wedding gown. $900 ( paid $1400 + $250 drycleaning) Size 8, unaltered , short Ivory dress. $100 ( paid $299) One pair of size 6 Manolo Blahnik, Something Blue, worn at wedding rehearsal for about 30 minutes. $100 Incredible shoes but would catch on lace of dress. Hair jewelry for sale as well Earrings $50 for both (paid $125 for hairpiece alone and $40 for earrings) email me at saltocoach@yahoo.ca if you are interested in any of it.
  3. I have ordered my satin chair sashes in fuschia and black as well as table runners. They look great and have decent weight to them. They don't feel flimsy. You can't beat the price. Win win!
  4. Suzanne Morel....or you can do what I'm doing and bring your our stylist....she's in my wedding party When's your wedding?
  5. Mike has a crush on the Rock. According to him...he has the greatest smile.
  6. I just had my shower this past weekend and I gave my hostesses a really nice candle. They were surprised.
  7. Well after exercising almost every day and really watching what I ate (no samples at Costco) I finally fit into my dress. Now the real test begins....staying the same size. I cannot go down or up because it will mean alterations which I no longer have time to get done. Now to learn how to do that and still make time for chocolate cake
  8. Honestly...they're not so bad! My problem is the lace on my dress and the detailing on the toes do not like eachother. I'll make it work though because they look great together.
  9. We did a package that had photography and videography. We wanted to capture it all.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Chicken764 As I am a huge fan of Sex and the City, since that movie came out, I wanted her blue shoes and I found them. What do you girls think? Too much? The shoes you are looking for are Manolo Blahnik shoes. My friends bought be a pair as an early wedding gift. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I feel like a princess in them. They are stunning.
  11. The beach reception I saw when we were on a site visit looked fantastic. The are is really secluded. Very private. They place plywood on the sand to create a makeshift dance floor. Search it on this site. I know that there are links to pictures. We're having ours by the pool. I have guests with mobility problems.
  12. Did my treadmill interval training with minimum speed at 6.5 and max at 13.5. I also went out for breakfast so I'll do a bit more cardio tonight then tomorrow morning is weights or Jillian Michaels. Not sure which....
  13. If you don't want her there don't have her. If anyone asks why then you can always enlighten them. If she insists on making others feel sad for her you may have to give an explanation. She obviously forgot that what goes around comes around. What I can't understand is why she would do that in the first place You have some restraint! I'd have knocked her on her a$#.
  14. Aren't boys funny? They get interested in things like comic books, action figures, movies when they are kids and they are obsessed as adults. We weren't like that were we? Don't we change our preferences? I know my guy is obsessed with anything Star Wars. Heck, he even has the trivial pursuit star wars edition. But I'm not alone in my pain. My MoH husband loves it too! There should be a bylaw or something..... only 1 fanatic per 500'. Kudos to you though for getting him to dance out of it all!!! Way to go girl. Do you give lessons? Mike's 2 step is like a 5 step. Lord help me at our first danc
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