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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by karenk77 Ok i def will ask for her..thanks Lashawn!...do you know if you need an appointment there? YES YES YES you need an appointment. Sometimes they allow walkins, but this is very rare.
  2. Stop sharing your great ideas with her...OR give her fake info. if you are feeling devilish
  3. Thanks Marie.. I keep forgetting about that great search feature!
  4. Hi ladies.. I have received quotes from 3 vendors so far.. have you had good/bad experiences with: Baja video productions, Jorge Ibarra or Mango productions? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. Thanks sooo much, I found an OOT bag in my colors!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by damaris Lashawn since you are in NYC check out the wholesale district in Manhattan. It's around 28th street and bway I went all over that area!!... my OOT bags will be a hit.. those key chains 12 for $6.00..I am getting my pashminas for $25 for a dozen. I LOVE the wholesale district!! I am considering doing real touch flowers instead of the real deal because yesterday, I found some really great looking ones. Its just that their parasols look kinda suspect lol. If you ever want to get together and hunt for things for our weddings feel free to pm me! Also, I already have my dress, but if you need a second set of eyes and I am free I am game..
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by damaris Girl we have sooo much in common! But mine is the reverse of yours, I'm the one with the 10 year old son! lol. He gets along amazingly with my FI so when the wedding planning began he automatically decided he should be best man. We explained to him that he couldn't have that role but that he can walk down with my FMIL to signify our family becoming one. He loved that idea He feels important. Awww..that's so sweet. Perfect way for him to be included!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by damaris Lashawn I love your shoes, I NEVER thought of an espadrille! Such a good idea Thanks Saks online..
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Kt Ellis I was in my father and stepmother's wedding when I was too old to be a flower girl but too young to really act as a bridesmaid. So I was a jr. bridesmaid. Now just thinking of it from that perspective, if my stepmom had asked me(even being younger than 14 then) to be the one person to stand up with her and if she decided to have more people, anything less than having a main role in the ceremony would have been something that damaged my relationship with my stepmother for a long time. As it was, I had no duties yet they made my brother and I a part of the ceremony by giving us necklaces with a family symbol on them which the minister explained as part of the ceremony. You are becoming a family, not just a couple. Moral of the story, as a stepdaughter I can tell you that I would be more offended by being asked to step down than anything else. You made the choice to ask her to be your maid of honor. Even if you were only going to have one person each stand up for you, you didn't need to bestow that title. But since it seems you have, she should not be penalized because you decided to add people to the wedding party. Lucky for you a 14 year old will most likely not know, nor feel obligated to fulfill, the traditional roles of the maid of honor. There should be no problem if you ask your friend to be the unofficial maid of honor and make sure that your step daughter is involved in as much of the planning and wedding as possible. If your friend is as good a friend as you say she is then this shouldn't be a problem and may even be awesome enough to let your step daughter feel like she is part of planning the typical maid of honor stuff like the bridal shower. It's not like you are asking your friend to be the unofficial maid of honor while you let some other friend the same age as her have the official title and do nothing. Thanks for your input. I guess, I forgot to initially mention that I already have asked my BFF to be the unofficial MOH, I was just confused about the actual title. It is obviously bothering me more that it is either of them. Thanks again..
  10. Thanks!! guess I will be "raising the roof" before my hand close up
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa lashawn, the moderators of this forum have a very low tolerance for nasty, bitchy and meaningless attacks on people. if you read all of Yari's post without picking out a few choice words it would be hard to find a character attack on you. she was simply stating her opinion which #1 you asked for and #2 she is entitled too. please refrain from posting towards members in that tone again. thanks, Alyssa WOW!!! I was pissy? well my apologies. "How selfish of you" sounded like a character attack to me. ALL of my post have been positive and congratulatory and never negative by any means. I was defending myself against being called selfish. Of course I wanted opinions, but again I felt attacked. AGAIN I APOLOGIZE!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by karenk77 whoops..i mean pronovias Ask for Carmel, she was super helpful..
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I don't want to be a party pooper - but you should know the white parasols everyone buys from Oriental Trading are either out of stock or no longer available... but I thought you'd want to know b/c I've tried to order them recently from there myself! Thanks, I found a site the makes custom ones with your future initial, they look great..I didn't mean Oriental Trading.. I meant to say Cultural Intrigue.. thanks for the heads up!!
  14. I emailed them SEVERAL weeks ago and haven't heard a peep, how long did they take to respond to you? I like the 2 dancer option if your group won't be huge.
  15. Thanks Jess, I am thinking of ordering just a few for myself and BM as well.. I don't think I would like pics with parasols randomly sprouted throughout.
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