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  1. I was just married there in July and no the iphone will not work neither will the Ipod touch....you will need the older versions.
  2. I went to Suzanne Morel and they were wonderful...highly highly recommend!!!
  3. Hi Kristy, I just recenlty had my wedding there in July. It truly was amazing, the view is breathtaking and the WC was amazing the wait staff was also great. They only trouble we had was getting our photographer in, you may have to use the photographer on site. They charge quite a bit to bring someone in. If you go to dinogomez.com and click on slideshow weddings...ours is there jennifer & kent july 22,2010.
  4. Hi Girls, I just recenlty got married there on July 22,2010. The new WC is Monse....yes she does take a bit to get back to you with emails and she doesn't give alot of info in her emails....but I will tell you once you get there she's absoutly amazing. She's always busy that why I don't think she puts a lot of time into email..I know frustrating...but I assure you once your there she gives you her undivided attention, anything you ask of her she makes sure its done the way you tell her. If any of you have any questions that I can help with please let me know.
  5. I have some stuff left over from our wedding. Please PM me if you would like anything. Payment through Paypal plus shipping. Thanks   Pictures are below:  27 Yellow bags - $27.00 4 Yellow Parasols - $5.00 each 17 Buckets - $17.00 8 Lanterns - $5.00 each Cake Serving Set - $30.00     C   Â
  6. Hi Girls, I just got married at the Riu Palace on July 22....it was wonderful. Monse is awesome! If you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them for you! We got married on the beach and had the private reception on the beach under the palm trees!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by blondy Hi everyone, I am really torn between two dresses and need your opinion! I do have pics of me in both of them, but couldn't figure out how to post them. If it helps I am 5'8'' tall, street size 8 with an hourglass figure. Casa Blanca Bridal :: Collections or Toni - by Sottero & Midgley If I were to choose the first dress, I would probably get a sash around the natural waist. Thanks for any and all opinions! Regan I love the Toni - it's beautiful!
  8. I was wondering if anybody knows where you can buy parasols in Calgary?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn&Kraig Crossing fingers this worked! lol Love this dress who is the designer?
  10. Looks great!! How did they get the colour under those tables? We are also having a beach reception and it looks great!!!
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