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  1. Hi there! I got married in 2011 at Esencia Hotel on Xpu-Ha beach. We were given a wedding coordinator to work with at our hotel but also hired Yazmin de la Mora, who I thought was great. She brought two assistants to help on our wedding day and was wonderful communicating in Spanish with all the vendors. She has great taste and always listened to what I wanted and helped it become a reality! http://www.yazmindelamora.com/ You can also check out my full wedding review here...http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/59189/just-married-hotel-esencia-review#post_1770552
  2. Hi ladies, I looked at both The Tides and Le Reve before choosing Esencia - what Esencia has that The Tides and Le Reve definitely lack is a very quiet beach. There are really no other resorts on Xpu-Ha and I felt it was private and serene. The Tides was expensive and I felt like everyone would just stay in their rooms the whole time at their little private pools - not socialize with other guests. Le Reve we really loved and I think would be a wonderful location for a wedding but Esencia was a bit more upscale and I knew the service and food would be better at Esencia. You get what
  3. Sorry, my hotel spoke to them - I never did directly - that's the only contact information I have!
  4. "Sea of Love" is sung by Cat Power. Love this version of the song. My dress was Monique Lhuillier...the Daphne I think is the style name? So comfortable!
  5. My advice is as soon as people start RSVP'ing, start working on the book. At the end of all the wedding planning, you won't have time for Arts and Crafts, trust me! If you do it a little at a time, it will be much easier. I then sent my husband to print them out on his parents home printer and we just bought them a new color print cartridge as it was a fortune to print them someplace like Kinkos.
  6. Hi Jessie! I used Microsoft Power Point to make our "facebook" - I used the template, "Office Theme" and then just played around with colors and borders and fonts, etc. I pulled friends' photos off the actual Facebook and then emailed people whose photos I didn't have and had them send me .jpgs. I then copied and pasted them into the template on Power Point. Hope this helps! Francesca
  7. The facebook was, as I said, our guests' most favorite thing in our Welcome Bags - you would meet someone on the beach and then be able to go back and look up who exactly he or she was and how we knew them! A great way to get to know people and also to help people remember names! Good luck!
  8. I think it depends how soon you want to start using her and how much you need her to coordinate - I think between $500 and $2000 is the norm for the RM.
  9. We didn't have a hard time getting through customs, actually. I was fully prepared, though!  I had read on the Mexico Customs Website that you’re allowed to bring up to $300 a person so we split the goods between our suitcases and made sure to have receipts for everything we had purchased. For the things I didn’t have receipts for (thank you, Chinatown parasols), I made them with this template - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/te...423521033.aspx I'm sure you know this but as you're clearing customs in Mexico, you have to press a button and if you get green you get to go throu
  10. dircad@mayansound.com Phone: 9981348043 Â They also have a facebook page you can check out!
  11. Here's a pic of me with my sister and best friend, both holding the bags Â
  12. Thank you! Â When looking for someone to do a "vintage poster" logo, I came across a woman online - http://maryddesign.com/Home_Page.php. I contacted her through her website contact page and she delivered it in PDF, which is what was requested by my printer. I'm sure you can request it in .jpg too, if that's best for you. She was amazing and super SUPER helpful - when we had an emergency with the printer, she totally helped out and gave me her professional advice. Â We used the design for the welcome letter and ended up having a banner on vistaprint made with it, as well. Â If y
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