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  1. Neysa was amazing! I negotiated for her to stay until after the ceremony to touch me and the girls up. She did my make up and hair, 1 of my bridesmaids make up, and 2 bridesmaids hair. She did us all herself, and I didnt have to pay an assistant. (or their day pass)
  2. "The Office"!! Cabo San Lucas Restaurants, Baja, Mexico - The Office On The Beach Great food (not cheap), great margaritas, and amazing view! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
  3. Have you tried calling the resort? I started emailing her about 8 months prior and never heard back until I called. Once that first contact has been made everything will be ok, but if i were you...I would call as soon as possible! Good luck!
  4. They told me no outside vendors. I told Erika that I was going to insist on bringing one in. She allowed it, but I had to pay day passes. Just be firm. It is your wedding!! = )
  5. Side note on Cabo Flowers -Donna. I used the flowers from my resort.... BUT we rented an arch and bows for the chairs from them and we were very pleased! They rent a TON of decor type items. Just FYI!
  6. We had vanilla cake... with vanilla icing. Plain, simple...and it was REALLY good! I asked Erika to NOT put on the little bride and groom... they were quite ugly (sorry my opinion). So i gave her some silk rose petals to put on top. She FORGOT!! So as we are sitting there at dinner I look over... and i see the cake with the plastic people on it. I had to think fast so I grabbed a couple of flowers from the table... walked over... picked up the bride and groom and tossed them under the cake table, replacing them with the flowers. LOL it was quite hilarious I'm sure... for anyone who witnessed that. Anywho... a little of track. The cake looked very pretty. I love simple, so thats what I asked for. Although it was plain and simple... the guests loved it!
  7. Hey ladies... Not sure if you had a chance to check out previous Santa Fe reviews. Might be helpful to hear about the other wedding experiences! ABBIE I cant find yours?! Happy planning!!!! = ) Cabobridey http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t25893 Sandra http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t19192 Kelly C http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31198
  8. I think they were about $5 each. Maybe 8. It was nice that they set them up too... which is better than bringing your own.
  9. We used silks from Petal Garden. I paid $68 including shipping for a mega pack. I calculated that it would be heavy coverage. However with the wind factor, it was more of a light coverage, but still looked amazing! They had to be put down MOMENTS before the ceremony because of the wind. Looking back, since they were so cheap I should have ordered double the petals. But it still looked pretty. There are a couple pic of the silk petals in my review. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t25893
  10. I think the whole ceremony was about 20. Then hubby and I walked back up the aisle together and went straight to the champagne set up (right behind the ceremony set up). Then people took a few pics, and then people followed us. Then we drank champagne with sand in our toes. It was great! You may want to make sure your wedding party knows they should follow you and get people to go back to the champagne area. We went back and it was a bit awkward as people were not automatically walking back. So we had to motion to them to join us.
  11. Go barefoot! Bridesmaids walked down barefoot... and the groomsmen had stuck their flip flops in the sand where they were going to stand. (looked super cute!) Then they put them back on. I was barefoot the whole time. It was great! We went down at ceremony time the day before to test it out first!
  12. My reception was at the Steak House. Erika offered to pre order the food, but i thought it would be easier to let them order day of. Food came fairly fast, but there was about 20 minutes between when the first and last tables got their food. But it is mexico time i guess... it wasnt a huge deal. Although ironically the table with the parents and immediate family were the last to get food!
  13. I think I had the video about 3 weeks after the wedding! = )
  14. Cabobride09.... those pics are great!!!! I just got a bit teary eyed actually... hearing you talk about how excited you are about him and seeing your pics. I am glad you love him and his work. He is such an easy person to take pics with... i love him. Looking at your pics.. I am so jealous... and WISH we had done some pics at that location!!! My husband and I LOVE Cabo.... so are going to hire him when we go back next, to do some more photos. I am actually going to bring my wedding dress... I am dying to do a trash the dress shoot! Congrats on hiring him!!!! You will be so happy! ~ Holly
  15. We packed ours in my hubbys suitcase. He had extra room, and i liked having them padded with clothing!
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