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  1. Hello Ladies, It took me a long timefor me to get in touch with them at first too. They did email me the menu. It comes to booking it was much easier when I went through a travel agent. They responded to her with in two days and she was able to get me booked for May 19-22. TA Maureen probably can help you...she helped me. Peace.
  2. Hello Ladies, This is a great topic. I am so glad that I am not the only one with this issue. I have not worn weave before but I know that me going to Jamaica for almost two weeks with no one to do my hair was not going to work. I have been contempating what was going to do with my hair and my options were a sew in, a front lace wig, or infusion. I think I have come to decision of sew in. I chose this because I heard that infusion works better for natural hair and my beautican said that it could damage my hair which is a big no-no for me. I want to be able to get in the water and really have fun so I am afriad of the front lace wig. I did hear that they were really really nice but I have don't know if you can get in the water with it. I think so sew in is the winner for right now. I would love to see some pics if someone doesn't mind? Thanks for the topic.
  3. The pictures were very nice. I love the starfish jewelry that your bridesmaids wore. Are you going to do a review?
  4. Hello Ladies, I had to share this with you. Today I had to do my last minute Christmas shopping and I went into Bath and Body Works and they have there totes on sale for $5.00 They are marked $40 on the bag and online they are on sale for $10. I was so excited when the cashier said $5 I said I'll take 20 of the off white and gold. These are very nice quality bags and are huge.I also like the fact that it doesn't have there name on it (except for in the inside). This is definately a bag our guest can use over and over again. My mother was very impressed and said that people would think we spent a lot of money. Well I hope that you are able to catch this great deal; there were alot in the store when I went and even more in the back. You can check them out on there website Bath & Body Works then go to totes/bags. Well I just wanted to give you a heads up on something amazing. Peace.
  5. Between me, you, and BDW girls Me and Chad were offically married November 21, 2008 and only told our parents. For me it was something that we decided on because there were issues of living together and not being married. For us it was the best decision---religion wise. But we didn't do anything special. We actually went to work that day..got off early pick up our marriage license and got it notarized. Believe it or not I stop the notary in the middle of it to call my mother so she could hear me finish my vows. Then we went to get a hamburger. To us we did what we felt was right for us but our actually ceremony is May 18. Of course I told two of my bestfriends, my mother and father; but my brother and other family have no idea and I don't feel like I am deceiving them because our ceremony will be in Jamaica...and its a vacation. Yes Nov. 21 is a special day that WE will remember but our ceremony and being there with our family is what makes a wedding a wedding to me. I hope I make sense to you and I hope that I was of some sort of help. Peace.
  6. I recieved an email from Jennivie Wisdom of Tai Flora and this is what she said: It is a possibility that the petals will be blown away. However, in my experience, it is less likely to blow away when they are spread directly on the sand as opposed to on the runner. No, I do not think this is too much…elaborate is more like it! AHHHH! I am soo confused.
  7. Hey Guys, Thank you so much for your input. I think that I will start thinking about some alternatives just in case. I really wanted the petals but I would hate to waste money. I can just imagine coming down and seeing 10 petals for $500. I would be too pissed. Peace.
  8. Hello Everyone, I need your help. I have been really thinking that I would like to walk down an isle way full of petals instead of having a runner. You may have seen what I am talking about on Tai Flora Services Ltd. - Jamaica's Full Service Florists. My wedding is suppose to be on the beach and I thought that having the white chair covers with a orange sash and then have the isle covered in petals ( a splash of orange, pink, yellow, and white) would be stunning. Almost so it seems that we are not even walking on the sand. I think that this would be beautiful but I am worried that the wind would blow all of the petals away . What do you think? Can anybody tell me what the weather is like personal in May? Thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, I glad you all enjoyed me little moment of toture:) I have beening searching on the site to see if I could find anything about petals down the isle way but really didn't see what I was looking for. I would love your opinion on the matter. I am really want to walk down the isle with it covered in petals instead of a runner BUT I am worried that the petals may all blow away. It is going to be a beach wedding. I have been looking a others pictures and notice that the wind is blowing but does anybody know if it blows hard enough to blow away a isle full of petals?
  10. I would like the Large assortment of sea shells if they are still avaliable.
  11. Date: August 1, 2008 Place: Augustino's Italian Restaurant I just knew that he was going to do it today. I just felt it when we woke up..he was acting kind of funny. Strange. I went on to work and sure enough he called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner tonight. I decided that I should do a half a day at work today so I could have time to get ready for tonight….you know eyebrows waxed, hair flawless and all I needed was something to wear. At about 4:30 (the time I get off work) he started calling me but I couldn’t answer the phone because I was in the mall. I went into Express and got what I wanted and headed home. Sure enough when I call him back the first thing he asked was where I was at and I said in a matter-of-fact way “In the car headed homeâ€. I was hungry but running around going a hundred miles per hour it never even entered my mind. I decided not to stop because I knew we were going to eat and I need to hurry to get my bag and stuff put up before Chad (my FI) got home. To my surprise when I got to the house he was already there so I left my bags in the car. I go downstairs and I hear male voices and see my FI and his friends talking and drinking a beer. I decided not to complain and use the time to my advantage plus I just knew they would be leaving soon; after all we’re going to dinner. So I take a long shower and touch up my hair. OMG!!! They are still there talking about nothing. I decided to use this to my advantage again and go get my bags out of the car. I get dress…6:30 rolls by, 7:30 rolls by, 8:00 rolls by. At this time I am highly pissed and hungry. At about 8:00pm the guys finally left and it was good thing because I was just about to go in there with the ugly face . At this point I just knew he didn’t have any special plans. How could he? We got to Augustino’s about 9:00 pm and steam is coming out of my ears. We sit, order, talk a little, and begin to eat. He begins to tell me how beautiful I am and how much he wants to marry me but hasn’t had time to get the ring yet. So now I looking at him like WTF?....You didn’t have time? He changes the subject to something else and act as if he never said a word. I continue to eat my food not saying a word. He was just talking and talking about nothing and smiling (till this day I can’t tell you what he was talking about all I know is it had nothing to do with we’re about to get married). The more he smiled at me the madder I got. The waiter came and asked if we wanted any dessert and of course I said no. I was too ready to go! The waiter came over a brought the check. Chad then asked me was I ready and I said yes. We didn’t move. Then he asked me again was I ready…I said yes again and was hoping he wouldn’t ask me again because I was about two seconds from going off..of course he asked again…Are you ready? And I said to him "Yes! I am ready. I mean damn are you going to pay for the food? And what the hell are you smiling at"? He then came on my side of the booth and said…I’m not asking you are you ready to go…Are you ready to be my wife? AAHHHHH!!! I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Then he said GOTCHA! He told me that he had a feeling I knew something. I was too happy coming from work. I personally thought my game face was on but I guess not. He had the boys come over and stay late to throw me off. At first they were only suppose to stay until about 6:30 but his best man and him and seen the Express bag when I was in the shower so the plan had changed to make me think it wasn’t going to happen. He said that he was trying so hard to restrain himself from laughing at the restaurant because I was so beautiful yet steaming mad. He said it was all over my face. Needless to say….It was the perfect proposal.
  12. Hello Fellow Members, I was just was wondering if some of the members can tell me if they used a travel agent or if they chose to do it themselves? What are the benefits and what are possible disadvange? Is it a waste? What was the experience like for you? Kayce
  13. Hi Ladies, Another Georgia Peach bride here. Born and raised in Augusta, Ga. Kayce
  14. Neema, I was just wondering if you went with an Travel Agent? If so how did you like it?
  15. If possible I would also like the catalouge emailed to me. karin_curtis@yahoo.com Thanks, KAYCE
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