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  1. I love #1 and #3! If #3 is your fave though then definitely go for that one!
  2. It's lovely!!! And so sentimental! Can't wait to see the final product, you're going to be stunning!
  3. Carly- a ton of our guests are coming from TO/Mississauga/ Burtlington! I'll still post pics too, for sure As for honeymoon, we're still discussing!
  4. Carly, We are throwing together a ceremony and reception here in London instead. We are very happy about it and lots of people who weren't going to be able to make (especially my grandparents) were thrilled with this idea. This is the stressful part: It's in 10 weeks!!!!! Aug 8th! We had a reception hall booked for Nov as our AHR and when this all came about we decided to move it forward to the summer so my BM's and I could still wear our summery dresses. The only available Aug date they had was Aug 8th so we snagged it and are planning like crazy now lol. It's going to be great...not what we
  5. Yes, last year, but thankfully they are all being refunded
  6. Ours was cancelled too And we give up!! We're having an at home wedding now. I'm going to miss my Cabo girls
  7. Ours is cancelled too....I was in serious shock even though Carly warned us in the Riu Santa Fe thread. We decided to cancel everything and have our wedding at home now. Not what we originally pictured, but it will be great regardless. Our date has been moved up to Aug 8, eek!
  8. We went with Alberto Misrachi...Helix Audio Visual. Beautiful work, great to communicate with and reasonably priced! He's doing our videography as well.
  9. He's gorgeous, you must be so proud!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by CarlySR It is nothing to do with H1N1, the only issue I know of is out of Toronto. It is due to the economy and lack of market interest, basically, they can't fill the planes! So they are not flying to Cabo for the summer and fall and resuming in November. I was furious! The only way we found out was through one of our friends who actually phoned Sunquest to try and book! We got no phone call, letter, nothing. My travel agent hadn't even been notified, she had to call them! So we are booking through expedia.ca, the only positive thing is it is $300 pp chea
  11. Yes, we had our saved emails too but at the time she didn't care! It took a couple phone calls to her, multiple emails, a call to the resort manager and even a call to corporate to get our way! We were determined that they had to honour their original agreement. Not to mention we had paid a big deposit on our photographer already! lol. It all worked out. Regarding my TA, she's either off today or works this afternoon so we're waiting on that. I actually attempting to call Sunquest directly but customer service told me that I needed to speak with my TA and that this was information that
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