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  1. Hello, So I just got a call from my TA saying that Sunquest is not going to fly to Cabo until November. He said I have 2 options, 1-go to the same place just in November or 2-go somewhere else on the same dates. My wedding is in about 4 months & I can't imagine having to change it. If I move it to November a bunch of people can't come. Are they even allowed to do this? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Natasha
  2. Natashak

    Map of resorts

    Hello, Does anyone have a map of resorts in Cabo? My Dad has a condo at Club Cascada's & I am trying to figure out how far it is from our resort? Thanks! Natasha
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda I would need the money by tomorrow so we can get them ordered. Shipping really depends on how many you order. But 20 or less will probably be about $4 or $5 (from me + .40 cent per pashmina to have them delivered to me) if you have around 40 pashminas it will probably be about $8. When I get them I will ship them through the cheapest carrier to your location. Thanks Heather I will send out PM's w/ all the info this afternoon! I really appreciate your help but I think I am just going to get them here in Canada. It will work out to be cheaper. Thanks again!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Whitni- WOW I didn't realize that they didnt really have a navy! But 10 is probably the closest. And i think 32 is petal pink. I'll put you down, I'm just about to send it in Natashak- The pashminas will be $3.75 each and approx .40 cents each to ship to me. Then i'll separate them and ship them to everone. I will calculate shippng from me for everyone when I get them. it is a little bit more to canada but I'll be shipping them as gifts and will depend on how many you order. Let me know if you want any or not I'm about to send in the order Any idea how much it will be for you to ship them as a gift? Also when do you need the $ by? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to see if it makes sense for me to order them or not. Thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Natasha and Tammy PA19 is fushchia https://www.handbagscentral.com/?cat...ctvariation=07 I'm fuschia and blue so we ordered PA19 and PA34 jrprice I gotcha. I will PM when we're ready to order w/ price and such Awesome! Just wondering if you know the final price yet? & the cost to ship to Canada?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by purrfected I would love to get in on this, but I still do not see the fuschia color. I admit to being kinda blind but none of the colors looked fuschia to me. Let me know if one of colors is their version of fuschia. Thanks! Yeah I would like to get some too but I am also looking for the fuschia. Any word on this? Thanks
  7. Natashak

    Make-Up By Suzanne Morel

    Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 I didn't, but I don't normally wear powder. They don't leave anything with you, so if you normally reapply things I would be sure to bring it along. I reapply lipstick/gloss constantly. Thanks for your help!
  8. Natashak

    We canceled our wedding...

    I'm so sorry to hear that you have to cancel your wedding. I hope everything works out for the best. Just take it one day at a time. Take Care!
  9. Natashak

    Private Event Menus at the Riu Palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by kellyq5349 We had 45 guests but we had to pay for 50 (50 is the minimum) for the buffet. I don't have any pics of the buffet food or plates (once I get my pics from my photographer if there are any pics of the plate I will post it here) but I can tell you that the presentation was excellent. The lobster in the beef for the plate dinner was very good. Also the lobster tails on the buffet were a huge hit - they were delicious and they also served hot butter along side it - everybody loved it! •callos de hacha marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar •Minestrone soup •Lobster stuffed beef fillet medallions •Fruit cake Sorry for all the questions but was this the menu that you had? If so how was the soup & fruit cake?
  10. Natashak

    Private Event Menus at the Riu Palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by kellyq5349 We had private menus for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. Deluxe buffet for the rehearsal dinner - expensive but so worth it!! It is unbelievable how much food you get and it is so delicious - our guests were blown away by it. It was a fantastic way to start the celebrations. We did the private menu for the reception - beef with lobster, tomato vinaigrette salad and talapeno? soup. Also very good but cannot compare to the buffet. Hi Kelly, I think this is the same choice that we might pick for our private dinner. How was the Lobster? Do you happen to have any pictures of the plate? Thanks! Natasha
  11. Natashak

    Make-Up By Suzanne Morel

    Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 No problem! yeah, the lipstick they used looked so cute, but they took it with them! And I had my lip gloss but it wasn't nearly as pretty--I was soooo bummed! Did you bring your own powder compact to reapply during the day or did you not need it? Thanks
  12. Natashak

    Make-Up By Suzanne Morel

    Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 Hi Natasha, I used Suzanne for my hair and makeup and I loved the way it looked. I think the foundation can be on the thick side, but if you tell her you don't like it think she can accommodate. She typically brings everything (in these really *big* boxes) the only thing I used was my own lip gloss (they don't give you one to reapply throughout the night, so you should figure out what you want and bring it) and moisturizer. I also did a make-up trial since I was really nervous about it and didn't want it too look "too made up" since I don't normally wear much makeup (I use tinted moisturizer and not foundation). I can post pictures if you want to see up close -kate Hi Kate, I would love to see some pics if you don't mind. Would you say it was worth it to have the make-over before your actual wedding day? I didn't book one but thinking maybe I should now. Also did you bring some pictures of make-up that you liked with you or did you just tell her what you wanted? Thanks! Natasha
  13. Natashak

    Ahhh It's my turn!!

    Have fun! And looking forward to seeing lots of pics.
  14. Hello Ladies, So I have Suzanne booked for my make-up on the day of my wedding. For those of you who have used her how did your foundation look & feel? I know it may be a dumb question but I don't ever wear foundation & I am a little nervous about it looking caked on & fake. Also did any of you bring any of your own make-up or did you find that she had everything you needed? Thanks so much! Natasha
  15. Hello, I was thinking of using my Ipod instead of hiring a DJ for our reception. For those of you who have done this how was it?