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  1. Yes I do remember the many Hennessy filled nights, don't know how you do - I wouldn't be able to see straight, yet alone cut anything with precision (can't do that sober) but hell, maybe I would have gotten better, LOL. Miss P and her shoe collection - I promise to line them all up this evening and send you a pic! Matter of fact I had to buy her 2 pairs of shoes the other day because she lost 1 while we were out at the outlets (yes I know she lost only 1, I didn't need to buy 2 BUT you know I rationalized it, LOL)
  2. Now you know I am commenting on the menus!!! I remember that work day, LOL ~ It has been sooooo fun planning with you your big day. I am so excited for you!!!!! You leave soon, how exciting is that. Can't wait to see everything all together. Love it all!
  3. Due diligence will work everytime - I had to seach for orange/charcoal flats for my girls, LOL
  4. Shay - What a wonderful job you & your FI did. Congrats on the STD's. More so congrats on having a newborn and having the energy and right mind to sit down and put those together. Kudos to you!!!! Can't wait to see all of the other DIY projects you attack.
  5. Hey my daughter wore those exact same sandals as the flower girl at our wedding. Everything looks wonderful - can't wait to read the rest and see more pictures!!!! I love your "How we met story" Sometimes you do just have to take the bulls by the horn - if it's meant to be the bull won't drag his feet, LOL!
  6. And you are letting him pack his own bag, LOL - remember our conversation two days before I left......
  7. Girly!!! You are rocking that dress......it looks lovely (not as good as me in my RHOA dress but you know you a close 2nd) I kid I kid....wow - Derick is going to be one smiling man when he sees you walking down the aisle struting your stuff....*snaps fingers Have you decided on how you are doing your hair? I can not wait for April 21st - I need to see it all come together!!!
  8. CoCo CoCo CoCo I am home sick, yet I couldn't pass the opportunity to come in and look at your planning thread. Can you say I am green with envy!!!!! Everything is beyond beautiful, words can not even begin to express my absolute love of all things DIY that you have taken on. All things that you have found the right touch to add. All things Chanel & Derick. Oh my dear, you will be one beautiful stunning bride, your guest will be in awe of everything that you have taken the countless days, hours, and minutes to think of. Who would have thunk a year of sacrificing will leave everyone's jaws on the floor. You rock it!!!! I can go on and on but we both know what my missing words are saying - back to the couch I go!
  9. If you have the save to PDF extension in word, that would be your best way. Save the docs in PDF form and then open them open in Photoshop.
  10. Hi Jessica ~ Welcome and congrats..... I am not sure if I can offer much assistance, yet I am positive one of the other lovely brides will be able to help you. I chose the Ultimate package, bought my decor down with me (including flowers and linens), I used HDC for photography and had a cake made by the staff at DLR. Are there any questions you have specifically?
  11. I did work with HDC in November and I have nothing negative to say. I did not do a review, for whatever reason, but I would highly recommend them to any bride getting married in DR. My photos turned out absolutely amazing, breath taking and stunning. Arnaud was indeed a pleasure to work with. We were scheduled to leave the day after the wedding, and he made it his mission to make sure that the 5 prints I ordered made it to my aunt before she left the resort after the rest of the party. As well as the prints - my CD of photos are completely filled with beautiful pictures, I'm glad he made the decision to pick A LOT of pictures, rather than me having to pine through them myself because I would not have been able to pick any of them (to be honest, I think we have all the pictures in our possession with printing rights) I absolutely enjoyed working with the photographer on our special date!
  12. I know I bought the 70 x 120 for the rectangular tables and 108 in for the round. The round table cloth and over lay worked out well. The rectangular cloth was a bit short (length wise) for the sweetheart table, so I would recommend getting a longer one. Hope that helps!
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