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  1. Just to add another perspective... I agree about putting your foot down with your MIL, inviting a group of people you don't know to your wedding is overstepping the line a little bit. However, with your friend, I can see how a misunderstanding could have occurred. In this day and age, not everyone is as familiar with invite etiquette and how specific wording indicates exactly who is invited. I have to admit that before I started planning my own wedding, I had no clue there were so many rules to it. I would suggest making an exception. Most brides are finding on here that many people who say that they are going to your wedding now, end up backing out when it comes time to actually book (dealing with that right now, myself), so you may find that you will still be under your count even with the additional guest. Also, it is no fun to travel alone and your friend probably just wanted someone to keep her company, knowing that you most likely will be busy with other things and having to spend time with multiple people throughout the trip. A few years ago, I was the "extra" guest to another wedding, and over the course of the vacation, got to know both the bride and groom quite well. To this day, they are some of my closest friends! I don't think that being gracious and allowing one extra person to join in will hurt your budget all that much, but it will hopefully create a better vacation for your friend and may even gain you another great friendship.
  2. These are huge 34oz double insulated travel mugs in various tropical themes and colors. We bought them so that they would keep drinks nice and frosty out in the hot sun. Unfortunately, my fiance has decided he wants to get personalized mugs so the ones we already bought have to go! We paid $6 plus tax. We are asking $4/mug but this is negotiable. There are 35 available. Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Buyer pays shipping. Thanks!
  3. Finally lost the 15lbs I needed to fit into my dress!!! Just need some minor alterations in the bust and I am good to go. I absolutely LOVE my dress and it was so worth the work to get into it!!!
  4. I really enjoyed your planning thread! One of my favorites so far. Could you please send me the template for the programs whenever you get time? I really love them! Thanks! finleya@slu.edu
  5. I am so upset that they moved it! I was planning on doing the same thing, but now all of a sudden I have to shell out another $1000 if I want to keep my guests entertained between 8:30 and 11:00pm.
  6. Just a heads up. I was planning on just heading down to the beach party after dinner instead of doing a reception and I was informed that they have moved the beach party to Monday nights now.
  7. I don't about your resort, but ours is huge. I am thinking of including a resort map in there. Some people on the forums have done that before...
  8. ... so I'm walking down the aisle to 1000 years by Christina Perri lol
  9. Thanks! And of course the only thing going through my head at that time was... wait a minute, isn't that like 2000yrs... I am such a dork! lol
  10. I think it was a beautiful proposal story! A lot of people give me funny looks when I talk about my proposal story, but it was exactly what I wanted. My fiance and I are a very low key kind of couple and he proposed when we were sitting in the back yard around a fire with a bottle of wine. We had spent the day together, went to to Zoo, and just came home to relax. With my head on his shoulder he said, "did you have a good day?". I replied "it was a perfect day" at which point he got down on one knee and said, "Well how bout a million more of them?". It might not have been the big showy proposal most girls look for, but to me it was perfect! It sounds like to me, that your fiance proposed in a way that was very special to the two of you, and that is all that matters!!!
  11. If you don't have any bags left after the last poster, would you mind telling me where you got them from?
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