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  1. I have already purchased another dress actually. It is made out of purely chiffon unlike my original dress. Even without the train I feel it's going to be too heavy for me personally. The new dress barely feels like any material which I love, but thanks for the suggestion!!
  2. do you know the style number? The pictures are so small you can't really see the dress.
  3. Thank you. I really do agree with you. I am going to leave it to him and I know he is pretty much 99.9% decided on not sending them an invitation. I think I need to not worry about it and move on with my planning. Thanks for your story--it's nice to know I'm not the only one with this dilemma!
  4. That's super cute!! See I like all proposal stories because they are unique to the couple!
  5. Thank you! Your story made me laugh because I would say the same thing! "That's not how you propose!" I'm glad he did it the "right" way later. Although, I'm realizing there isn't truly a "right" way. Hope your planning is going well!
  6. I will be shipping my centerpieces and some other decor to my wedding coordinator. Not sure why most people would look into UPS and what not to ship (too expensive) I will be using flat rate boxes through the USPS to send them to St. Maarten. I use to send my FI care packages in Iraq this way and never had an issue!
  7. My friend did these at her wedding in Cabo and it was BEAUTIFUL! We are waiting for approval from our resort to do them as well.
  8. I believe I am going with Bloom Bridal too. I cannot wait to place my order!
  9. What are you girls doing for a guest book? We had FI's last name printed in beach looking letters and are having our guests sign the matting around the picture and will frame it and hang it in our home. I got it from a girl on Etsy and I LOVE it. I wanted to do puzzle pieces but I think people are CRAZY for charging so much for it!
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