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  1. Forgot to add some pictures!! Here are a few... For some reason I can't upload images unless there's a link When I figure out how I'll add more!
  2. Hi KTBeach2014!! Yes I had my hair & make-up done at the resort spa. Angelis did both for me, she was wonderful. I wanted my hair down, but wind and humidity made me think otherwise. I was going for a looser look, but honestly, I'm glad she did it the way she did b/c it kept all day & night! I took advantage of the bridal hair & makeup preview- b/c I was nervous about letting someone other than my hair stylist from NYC touch my hair haha But all went well she understood the little things I asked her to change and wound up really happy with the results! I booked the appointments for myself as well as my bridal party & parents about a month in advance, through the WC. I wanted it to be taken care of before we arrived, then just followed up with the spa when we checked in and all was confirmed Happy planning!
  3. PZL & LOU --> Thanks so much!! I promise to get cracking on the planning thread & review ASAP!! PHSEXXY--> Originally, we were going to do this style of menu. We were told in addition to providing the total # of menu selections prior to the event date, you'll also need the place settings to have some type of distinction to show the wait staff who gets what. What I've seen many brides do, and is probably the easiest way, is to create seating cards with a symbol of some sort for each menu selection. So, one entrée would have a seashell on it, another would have a starfish, etc. So all you'd have to provide to waitstaff is a key of what each symbol represents. Hope this helps!
  4. Hello ladies!!! It has been quite a while since I've been on here! First off, a big CONGRATS to all the newlyweds =) I have been enjoying married life since our May 18th wedding, and we still cannot believe it's all over & done with. I was joking with some friends that I need to find a new hobby now that the planning is over haha! We still haven't had much time to catch up on writing reviews and what not, but I'd love to share some pictures we just got from our photographers- Shenko Photography. I HIGHLY recommend them, Eugenia and Erik are beyond talented and super easy to work with! Their price was one of the best for the value, we had them for 8 hours [plus about 1hr early they arrived at the spa which they didn't charge for!]; We also did the TTD at a local cenote from 6AM to 12PM. We were so happy with our choice, and I'm sure the pix say it all! One day I promise to give you all a detailed review and also a planning thread =) Sorry I know there are a lot of pix, but I love them all so much!!! xo Jen
  5. Thanks everyone for the sweet words and well wishes =) KTBeach2014~~ Thanks so much!! It was very windy the day of the wedding, so it helped us and our guests a TON to stay cool =) I'd say it was high 80's for our ceremony, and not one person was breaking a sweat- Very comfortable! The only time I was a bit hot was during the reception because I was dancing like crazy But if you're doing your wedding events in the evening/night, you shouldn't worry it's beautiful at night!!!
  6. Hello my lovely ladies!!! We are back after an amazing two week stay in Mexico!!! We stayed at the AS the first week for our wedding on May 18th, and then transferred to El Dorado Casitas Royale for another week for our honeymoon. I will eventually get to the long detailed review & planning journal, but wanted to say we had the BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES in Mexico!! First & foremost, a very HUGE thank you to everyone on here for their endless support and advice over the past year! I am so grateful to have made many friends through here, and especially to my fellow bride MISSY who I spent lots of time with during our stay! You are all amazing and thank you for being a wonderful support system! Our wedding day was the most memorable day of our lives, and the AS went above & beyond!!!! The resort's staff was exceptional in service and amazingly kind!! This was absolutely the best idea my FI had, was to have this DW. I'm so grateful! Here are a few shots I wanted to share with you all =) More to come with the review & planning journal!! To all soon to be brides, don't stress about anything! It's an amazing place with knowledgeable and talented staff seeing that your day will be amazing! My father giving me away! WE DO!!!! our first dance [reception was on the beach] cocktail hour on the beach with mariachi band
  7. Thanks so much ladies! I am SO excited! MMK- I LOVE your planning thread- everything came out so amazing!!! Your big day is coming quickly also!! Can't wait to get back and tell you all about our big day & trip =) We'll be back MDW so talk to you all then!! XOXOXO
  8. Hi ladies!! Dawn, again you made a beautiful bride and congratulations!! I'm heading out next week to the Sensatori!!!! I can't believe I'll be there in a few days, soaking up the rays & sipping pina coladas! Any last minute advice before I fly away ? A huge thank you to everyone on here who has been encouraging & welcoming through this whole crazy process! All of the ideas & inspiration I found on here were a huge help and I hope to share pictures after our wedding for you all to see! XO Jenny
  9. Hi ladies! How is everyone doing? I'm SUPER excited, because in less than 2 weeks we'll be soaking up the sun!! I know we keep talking tips, but I still have questions. Did any of you tip your WC that's in Miami and/or your travel agent? I was thinking of maybe sending them a basket of goodies, or bouquet of flowers as a thank you. What's the etiquette for servers at the wedding reception? Do you tip your on-site team? Hm... I'm trying to get an idea of how much extra cash to bring for tips, besides the every day maid/bartender/server money. thanks
  10. Congratulations Dawn!! You are your husband look so happily in love =D You made a beautiful bride, and the reception & sky deck pictures are lovely!! All the very best to you!!
  11. Have you checked on Ebay? I looked on there for linens & sheers, and they have about everything you can think of on there for cheap!!
  12. If you look on the right side of this page, you'll "recent images" click on there and you can see my flowers =) I was nervous about real touch, not knowing exactly how "real" they'll look in person, and believe me I am THRILLED with the outcome =)
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