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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by loveyd I am a HUGE fan of Gilda, my wedding was held at the DREAMS Los Cabos! Here is a link of some of the pics! I am in LOVE!! http://www.pictage.com/client/eventPhotos.do?event=1061470&category=0 @loveyd I know it's been a couple of years since you posted this but I'm hoping you can help me out. This coming Saturday will mark 11 weeks since my wedding and I STILL do not have my pictures from Gilda Badillo. I'm beginning to worry. How long did it take you to get your pictures? I think 11 weeks is a bit much!
  2. It's been 8 weeks since my wedding and I still don't have my pictures. I'm sooo anxious to see them!
  3. So exciting!!! Best of luck to you and enjoy every single second it goes by so quickly.
  4. I did exactly what you are planning to do this past July and it was amazing! You will feel like a princess at Dreams they really take care of their wedding couples. They also have amazing deals if you book a lot of rooms. Contact Teresa at Vacations For Less in Los Angeles. She is a travel agent and she is also FREE Good Luck!
  5. My wedding at Dreams on 7/27/13 was a dream come true! It was so amazing!!! I can't wait to get my pictures and have time to write my review.
  6. I'm so excited it's hard to sleep at night. Of course I'm a little nervous about forgetting stuff or not thinking of something that is crucial for the wedding but I'm hoping that is just natural and all will turn out great. I'm excited for the wedding but also to be on vacation with my family and friends! I just wanted to share in my excitement with everyone on this forum. This website was so crucial in my planning. aahhh I'm so emotional!! Cabo here I come!
  7. Thank you! You are so sweet! I am so excited I can barely sleep anymore. 17 days to go!!!!
  8. It doesn't mater how long you give them! I am 32 days away and I am about to lose my mind over it. All I know is that the people that matter will be there and responded right away.
  9. You girls are all so awesome!!! Thank you! I haven't even had my wedding yet but I already have a thing I WOULDN'T do again to add to my list and that's stress over all my guests and people being so inconsiderate! Sigh
  10. Wait! Forget all my decor problems! LOL A man in speedos crying!?!?!? Please tell us all about it hahahaha Thanks for the advice. You are so right? I want to hear all about the wedding and your trip and what your husband ended up doing for his bachelor party lol (That whole convo felt like it was ages ago! Remember!?) Yay! Congrats!
  11. Yea I'm not paying $300 an hour for the DJ! My ceremony is at the Gazebo.
  12. I know this is a little random for this thread BUT...HELP ME PLEASE Getting married at Dreams Los Cabos next month and I can't decide what aisle decorations I want (and can afford). Does anyone have suggestions or can tell me what they used or did in that area? Everyone keeps telling me I don't need much since it's so beautiful already but I'm not convinced lol My wedding colors are coral and grey. I have 5 bridesmaids and my fiance has 5 groomsmen. The ladies are wearing long coral dresses and the guys grey suits. Bridesmaids will be holding white bouquets and I will have coral c
  13. Yes!! I can't wait!! I just want to get on that plane already!
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