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  1. The sandals are still available! There is one other interested person. Send me a PM if you're interested ASAP.
  2. I'm sorry, but ALL THE JUTE BAGS ARE SOLD. I have several other items still available. Make me an offer! Quote: Originally Posted by Ibthemrs JUTE GIFT BAGS! I would like to purchase some of the gift bags. Please send me an email if you have at least 15 available and if you can please include the price too. Send email to bushirw@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  3. Items SOLD: ALL LED lights 12 White Paper Lanterns 22 jute bags There are still 28 jute bags available. All other items are still available!
  4. Items SOLD: ALL LED lights 12 White Paper Lanterns 2 jute bags Sale is pending for 20 of the Jute bags. There are still 28 bags available. All other items are still available!
  5. My guests loved the resort! I also thought the resort was great! I think the service and quality of the resort made up for many of the issues (I was having too much fun and relaxing at the resort to worry about all the little details). There were a few things I would have changed. Like the Reverend who married us! I think I had a different Reverend than the other 2 brides my weekend (because he told us that Sunday was the only day he was available to perform the wedding). He was a little inappropriate, and kept telling jokes that were just not ok. We met for him for 10 minutes, 5 days before our wedding and told him what we wanted. We read his script and gave him the OK. But the day of the wedding he went on a total tangent. Several of my guests asked me "where did you find that guy? Did you know he was going to say that?". Also, there are details that I requested for the ceremony and "cocktail" party with a band that did not happen. Janielle told me two hours before the ceremony that they couldn't be done. I think if you're detailed oriented and diligent, these issues can be avoided. I don't how to prevent an odd Reverend. I think the resort has several they rely on for the weddings. I did not think to ask him beforehand if he was going to tell inappropriate jokes.
  6. Jasmine, Some bags are still available! A sale is pending for 20 bags. How many did you want?
  7. I had the "free" package, which is a joke and certainly not free. My total of approximately $10,000 only included the ceremony set-up and reception, and miscellaneous fees. It did NOT include the DJ, photographer, flowers, decorations, etc. And trust me I'm frugal! I did receive a room upgrade. We booked a garden view and at check-in I asked for the upgrade that's supposed to be included with the package and with my group booking. The employee was uncertain and said "I don't know. I'll have to check. Go have lunch and come back." When we came back she said we were in an Ocean Front! I told my travel agent and she said she already knew and it was a surprise, so I think she helped to arrange it. The Ocean Front rooms are nice, but if you're above the 4th floor, the balconies are 1/2 the size. Also, here's a tip: building 5 is WAY better than building 6. I had several guests switched rooms because they hated building 6. But as part of the package we were supposed to get a room for the groom on the wedding night and this never happened. Susan, Shannon: did your groom get his own room? We weren't too concerned to ask for this because I heard the Grand was completely sold out on Saturday night. One of my guests who arrived on Saturday was put at the Suites for 1 night because there were no rooms at the Grand. I certainly did not tip Janielle! A few of my guests tipped the servers. And our DJ was a family member. Susan, sorry to hear about the Grand's response to the extra charges but I'm not surprised! It's a typical response. But she pretty much called you and your informant a liar, which is just rude. Also, I want to add that we were missing some decorations as well. Not only did we not get things back but the day after the wedding I saw several female security guards carrying around my extra folding sandlewood fans that I asked the hotel to place on the chairs at the ceremony! I know I brought extra (I purchased 100 and had 85+ guests). I should have left the extras in the room, but I was in a hurry to deliver all of my decorations. I just let it go, but I was in shock at first.
  8. Shannon, did you pay to upgrade to the Presidential suite or did they just move you? This is the kind of BS I'm talking about. She quotes me and Susan $1,000 extra dollars for 1 hour PLUS they came and cut off my music at 10. Yet you got to party until 11:30. I paid for 100 people! With all their extra fees it came to over $10,000! Plus all the people i brought to the hotel who paid over $500 per night just to stay at the Grand. And I'm very bitter about how the day played out, their lack of organization, and lack of communication.
  9. The 68 loose LED lights and wire are SOLD! Sale is pending for the following: 12 White Paper Lanterns 24 LED lights in casing All other items are still available. Shipping is additional.
  10. Susan, did you have to pay anything else to extend your reception besides the $250 cash for the staff's transportation? We asked Janielle to extend our reception for an extra hour and she said it would cost us over $1000 (she was charging us an extra per person fee)! So we passed! Then right at 10 o'clock one of the hotel managers (a Spanish woman) comes over to my DJ and tried to pull out his speaker plugs. He makes an announcement on the microphone threatening her not to touch his equipment until he was finished (it was funny, but very irritating). That was the only complaint from my guests...that our reception was too short.
  11. Hello Everyone! I just posted a few items for sale on the forum. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80471/dress-sash-jute-bags-lanterns-led-lights-candle-holders-decorations
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