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  1. The hotel was fun and the wedding was perfect. I didn't like the DJ service and the timing at the Salon. They weren't scheduling properly. I enjoyed every minute and so did my family...
  2. Hello and Congrats, The timeshare people didn't bother me at all. The first night there I told them I am not buying a timeshare and I was never asked again. We stayed in the honeymoon suit, which made us privileged. We didn't use any of the amenities because my guest weren't privileged and we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible... Therefore,, it's not worth it if you are the only one in your group that will be privilege. I hope this helps...
  3. Yes we did.. It was awesome.. I tried to enjoy the best I could. It was a little stressful, but I was still able to enjoy everything. My guest enjoyed every moment. They have been talking about it just about everyday and it has been 1 month now. It was worth every stress and penny. The wedding day goes by very quickly. But, the week with my family and friends was the best part and most of my memories.
  4. If you have any questions let me know. I will be glad to help. This website really helped me a ton. So I feel like I owe everyone on here to answer any questions you guys may have.. June Bride 2012.
  5. Yes, it is. I have no idea how much the regular is. But its not cheap either.
  6. Yes. it is very expensive. But it is very beautiful and very worth it when traveling with 40 and plus family members.
  7. Hello, I wanted to share pricing with everyone. Just wanted to make sure I was on the right amount. Wedding package 2300 pastor 350 Dj 350 MC 250 Photographer 1300 honeymoon suit 4000 Ceremony set up 650 My goodness this is very expensive.
  8. I am not worried anymore. I am super excited to work with Caribbean Emotion for my wedding. I can't wait..
  9. I wasn't sure who to trust. I have heard horrible stories.
  10. Great.. I am super excited too. I was so worried before..
  11. Hello emives, Who was your photographer.. Do you think it is worth getting an MC.
  12. Hello Dominican Ally, Yes, I am super excited I just can't wait any longer. It does drive me crazy that I have to wait a whole week to move on with a decision. I have Yinette email. Can you please send me Ada email. I didn't know their were two WC. By the way what photographer and florist are you using? You are probably way ahead of me in planning. I started planning in January. Thank you so much for your help ..
  13. I probably would set up a meeting. Its always important to express what you want on your wedding day.
  14. Thank you for the review. I was a little worried about this.
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