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  1. Hey! I'm getting married July 6th 2010 in Punta Cana. We have chosen Oceans Sands & Blue..message me for further details if you are interested!! Happy Planning!
  2. Hey!!! Welcome to the forum...& Congratulations on your engagement
  3. SabBrew

    hi there!!!

    WELCOME!!!!! Happy Planning!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by alisonu22 That's are number one choice right now for our wedding! What made you decide on Ocean Blue as opposed to other places? Congratulations!! Hi there! We choose this resort for a few reasons. A) The wedding coordinator (Ada) Is amazing. She got back to all of our inquiries quickly and ensured that before she responded, she answered each question in my email. Trust me...not many resorts did. They would answer the top question which would force me to send the e-mail again...then I would wait for a week to get another half fast response. Its a new resort...so I figured everything would be relatively new. C) Our friends were there last winter and loved it D) It was good quality accommodations listed at a reasonable price for our Guests. Hope this helps. If you need any further info. Let me know! Thanks Sabrina
  5. GREAT REVIEW. I'm sooooo excited. We are getting married at this resort July 6th 2010!
  6. Thanks Ladies! Mia and I are very lucky to have found someone sooo wonderful. I have attached a pic of the rings!!!
  7. Just to give you some background information on my story I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage. Her and I have been on our own since she was 18 months. The day I was proposed to, my Fiance Chris had asked my daughter upstairs. I was cleaning the kitchen & didn’t think much of it since it was close to Christmas, so I assumed he was showing her what “they bought meâ€. He asked her to sit down and asked her if she thought it was OK if he asked mommy to marry him. She answered “yes, that’s okâ€. “Are you sure?†asked Chris “YUP†she replied. He then asked her “what do I need then If I want to ask mommyâ€, Mia answered “a ringâ€. Chris then pulled out a little silver box and handed it to her. When she opened it, she was a little confused as the ring size was small. Chris looked at her and told Mia that he had bought her a ring too. Mia put it on automatically (on her ring finger no less) and gave him a big hug...so excited and in love with her new ring. She then asked “How about mommy?â€. Chris then pulled out my ring for Mia to see. “Oh she’s going to love itâ€.....she told him. He then asked “Could you bring the ring down to Mommy and ask her if she’ll marry me?â€. Mia was soooooo excited that she said “yes†and ran downstairs. She walked into the Kitchen and said “Mom, Chris wants to marry youâ€...I looked at her very confused and caught off guard. I said “what are you talking about?†She answered....â€he asked me and I said it was ok, so..do you want to marry him?†and then opened my ring box...I then realized that this was the real thing and began looking around for Chris who I found down on one knee outside of the kitchen. It takes a special man to think of involving the most precious person my life in the sweetest proposal ever. Mia and I both wear our rings that Chris bought us...mine representing the engagement, and Mia’s representing the commitment Chris has made to her.
  8. Hey Ladies!!!! I'm glad to hear there are others planning on July destination weddings. Also seems like the "teacher" aspect seems to be the common thread. My fiance is a teacher so rather than making friends and family travel during peak season...we decided on early July! Name:Sabrina FI Name: Chris Wedding Destination: Ocean Sand & Blue , Punta Cana What made you choose this destination?Heard the beaches are fantastic..price is reasonable and my wedding coordinator is FANTASTIC Wedding Date: July 6th 2010 What made you choose this date? The earlist date we could get...closest to the end of school year... Have you decided on your wedding colors? If so, what are they? Nope What is something unique about your wedding? I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage. She loves my fiance...she will be walking me down the isle and will be incorporated in the ceremony by standing by me and accepting Chris into our family! Tell us anything else about yourself and/or your wedding: I'm looking to share my photographer....so if you know any other Punta Cana brides for this week, send them my way :-)
  9. Hi there, Just wanted to touch base with any brides who have gotten or are getting married at this resort! I'm getting married there July 6th 2010! THANKS
  10. Hey There~! I'm getting married July 6th 2010 at the Ocean Sands. LOVE LOVE LOVE the wedding coordinator there. She is amazing. We also chose this resort because a few of our friends went in March and raved about it. It's also a property which is very reasonably priced. Good luck with your decision!
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    Hey Jo, We decided on Punta Cana and are getting married the 1st week of July 2010. Our wedding coordinator is FANTASTIC. Let me know if you would like more details! Happy Planning!
  12. Hey There, My name is Sabrina. I'll be getting married July 6th 2010 at the Ocean Blue & Sands in Punta Cana. Genevieve Albert is shooting my wedding. Please let me know if there are any other brides looking to share a photographer this week! Her work is amazing!
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