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  1. Hi Elissae - I am having a private reception at Botafogo, but now i'm on the fence on having there verse Chilis. Did you see Botafogo? How big was it? I have 51 guest including photographer, and we are using the dj. is the place big enough? Thanks in advance!
  2. Geesh! I have not been on this site too much... just so much going on.. I leave next week and I am super nervous, You guys are really ensuring me that things will go great, so thanks for that!
  3. I forgot to add that I have children getting smaller OOT bags and I didn't list those items which will account for about 12 bags. Most of their items I got from dollar tree and oriental trading.
  4. Hello Ladies, as per requested here is my list so far.. about $6.40 per bag for me.. I may include some other things but right now this is what i have purchased. I will include a welcome book and maybe something else (uhhhggg overwhelmed trying to keep up) . I purchased the OOT bag in different color and will be giving each couple one bag with two of everything. For indivduals who are coming solo we are giving a different color so that we can keep track and make sure they get one of everything. We also have another color for females who may share a room they will each get their own bag... Plea
  5. I'm going to get aloe, only cause they can use it for other things.
  6. I just bought the contents for my OOT bags.I spent $109.74 for all contents for 60 bags. I also spent $68 dollars on amazon for the bulk pepto packets, advil, tums, and alka selzter. I'm practically done with the bag, a few more items and another thing checked. I got all the items from the websites I posted on here. I'm glad you ladies are using them to your advantage.
  7. Hi Matt - Thanks you!! Ael is great in responding. I loves you guys vision and art in photographer and we cannot wait to meet our photographer. Love your photos and creative vision!!!! I will make sure to stay in touch if I have any further questions.
  8. I'M BACK!!! Seems like i missed A LOT... Wedding is in May and I'm not just confirming everything.. I have about 25 ppl booked and there are still some people procracinating.. With everything I think I still need to book my reception, get favors, and finish the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Still so much!
  9. I ordered from them recently and got two cases. They are very good quality!! The only thing is when you order they come in a variety pack and most of them are clear.
  10. OMG!!! I'm sooo inspired by your thread and planning!!!! You did such a beautiful job... I know your wedding was beautiful and you were a beautiful bride. There is soo much stuff on here for inspiration and it's encouraging to know that you pulled this off without tons of help because I'm in the same boat. I have so many ideas with 8 months left to go, and practically no help. So you just encouraged me soo much to keep on moving.. Thanks!!!
  11. yes it's completely insane and there are absolutely no equipment needed, unless you want to use a mat. I do like it better then p90x because of the lack of equipment but it is definitely much harder. You don't have to be in "super shape" but I also don't recommend someone being completely out of shape doing it because it requires tons of jumping exercises. Just like you I really hate working out, I'm not completely lazy I'm just always exhausted from my extremely busy life so working out always seems like the last priority for me. Hopes this helps!
  12. Congrats passionsarcasm !!! I'm game for getting together again. How about Friday, September 14th? We can do the floating apple or brass monkey, but if you find something else you would like just let me know.
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