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  1. Hi Megan and congrats for your day, please note that is getting darker at 500 pm so perfect time for ceremony and beautiful light is around 330, thats a light tip. congrats viva mexico!! Diego
  2. yeeii!! that´s a beautiful spot at what time is your ceremony, remember for a good lighting its getting dark at 500 so 330 its perfect time for beautuful light you will love mexico!!!
  3. hooolllaaa !!! where is your wedding at??? congratulations!
  4. Sure as gonzalo says there is a terrace bar so you can have lounge ,
  5. dont be scared averything it gonna be allright the best thing you can do is look for a wedding planner . happy panning diego
  6. did you ever think in tulum spot as your wedding location?? it is really amazing and there are a lot of boutique hotels whero you can feel more cozy with your gustes more private, take a look to the images in internet you will love it have a good planning Diego
  7. Hi Christie conrats for your planning, your location is very good, hope you have verething in rails, try to do your ceremony at 3 or 330 because of the light so you can enjoy the caribbean colors the best Diego
  8. what ever you decide, enjoy it!!!
  9. Hi Boutiqe bride, bienvenida, i think for your group it can be a good idea a boutique hotel in tulum, there are somany options and for budget too, there are many little hidden hotels and houses and is nothing similar as an all inclusive hotel or big hotel resort chains. the beach its spectacular and beautiful, also is the 2nd most beautiful beah in the world, you should take your time and see the options, Other recommendation is to hire a professional wedding planner so she can help you soooo much and i convinced that with your budget you can do something beautiful and more cozy and personal. have a happy planning and good day positive thinking!!! diego
  10. hooollllaaaa Felicidades, congrats for your wedding, relax and enjoy your planning, you will find a lot of good opinions in this forum!!! Diego
  11. how are you feeling?? hope no nervous!!! the best Diego
  12. Valentin imperial is avery nice hotel happy planning!!
  13. welcome to the forum and happy planning!!!
  14. eldiexs


    hooollllaaaa los cabos is great happy planing diego
  15. congratulations!!! i personally think that is more private if you book a non all inclusive hotel you can tak to your wedding planner and she can help you to decide. happy planning Diego
  16. dreams tulum is cool and is so near for tulum beach that is spectacular and also next to sian kaan reserve!! congrats
  17. Hola Katie!!! yes , Moon palace is great location, you will find anything you need in this forum!! The best And congrats for your party!!!!
  18. eldiexs


    hooollllaaaa Jennifer!! congrats !! mexico and specially riviera maya offers paradisiacs and spectacular locations!!! you will find everything you need. Congrats Diego
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