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  1. Welcome to the Forum. The Riviera Maya is a nice option for a destination wedding
  2. Congrats to all the February Cancun Brides! great place to get married, with nice locations for pictures happy planning Best Diego Muñoz
  3. eldiexs


    Hi Cassie, Congratulations for your upcoming wedding! Tulum is a beautiful place, private and relax. The most of the hotels are eco-chic however you can find a few hotels with AC. Happy Planning.
  4. eldiexs


    hola!!! congrats and welcome to the forum
  5. very good congratulations moon palace rocks!
  6. eldiexs


    hooolllaaa Karen, Rose wood rules!! and also are a lot of beautiful paces for a trash session, in may a good light for shots its around 330 to 4 pm light tip!!! the best Diego
  7. yeeeyy los cabos rules pacific ocean its beautiful!!! check how is your light so you can decide the best day for your wedding!
  8. the royal is very good also you can have a hoto session in 5th avenue in playa del carmen, and the cenotes are stunning you will enjoy so much enjoy your planning Diego
  9. Hi!!!! hoping you are good and enjoying your planning a good tip is to do your ceremony at 4 the ight is so good. diego
  10. yaaaayy congrats the location is beautiful and the cenotes too you should take a look the best diego
  11. eldiexs

    Hi there!

    wooow, year and a half in advance, good luck and enh¡joy your planning
  12. yaaayyy very good for your wedding, you will find incrdedibe locations for your photosessions, try to go to the cenotes and jungle its gorgeous, hope you are having a nice planning the best Diego
  13. Hola!! Dee, Moon palace is great it have good location for trash the dress too. also you are very near to cancun and airport, the best Diego
  14. hi!!! did you think in tulum' the spot is amaing best diego
  15. hi!!! what kind of tips do you expect? i can give you one of light for your ceremony, the sun goes down at 6pm so you can make your ceremony at 4pm and you will have light, also you can go to tulum to have a photo session too, hope this work for you the best diego
  16. try to do your ceremony before 430 pm because its getting darker at 515pm so if you want to have some photo session and portarait session you will not be able to have enough light and in summer you can have light until 600pm the best
  17. in july you will have light enough until 6 or 630 pm because of the sun position, so i think that´s very interesting for your planning . enjoy dx
  18. independent of the place that you choose please note this there are sometimes that you have good light at 630 pm and there other times in the year that you have less light like 430 pm so try to plan your wedding thinking in he light time so you can enjoy the caribbean and not just a regular night, and for your shots too. congrats for your commitment.. the best
  19. hola Meghan! welcome to the form and congrats for your commitment. just 1 tip try to do your ceremony before 430 pm because its getting darker at 515pm so if you want to have some photo session and portarait session you will not be able to have enough light and if you are in the caribbean take advantage of the light, sea junge and general environment. have a good planning Diego
  20. jajajajajjajaja, for sure, the best thing if you are planning a destination wedding, its to work with someone who really knows and understand the ideas of the guests. anyway , tulum rocks!
  21. Hi !! well a i know angelina a few years ago and worked with her in a lot of weddings she manage the ranitas weddings with other coordinator, las ranitas is incredible they renew the whole hotel its the only one with tennis court in tulum!! The beach is spectacular and awesome and pristine, wooow!! the administration and staff is incredible, and prepared. For the guests is from 80 to 100 so definetely can fit for medium to big weddings. in my personal opinion angie is one of the best coordinators in tulum and oficially for las ranitas, she is very organized and helpful and professional, other good thing is that angie lives in tulum and she knows what is going on with the people that is very important to know, "the local things" i feel good when i have events with her because all is schedule the getting ready, ceremony, reception and party is thinking to have the best light. i hope this post is helpful. lets keep tulum in love!!!!! Diego
  22. eldiexs

    June 2011

    congratulations, thet time is perfect for the light!!
  23. holaaa, congratuations, you will find excellent info in this fotum, a little tip is to check your ceremony time because of the light so you can take your pictures without problem!
  24. congratulations!!!!! at what time is your ceremony, try to calculate everything so you can have good light for your special day!!! the best Diego
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