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  1. I have done some research on this website and others, and I haven't really found the answer I am looking for. Hopefully some of you can help me out... I recently got married at Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I live in Orlando, Florida. I got our official marriage certificate in the mail. I wanted to confirm that it has been filed in the United States. How can I do that? Is there anything I need to do with the marriage certificate to assure that it is filed here in the US? Can I use my Jamaican Marriage Certificate to get my name changed? I asked the resort WAY ahead of time what I needed to do to make sure our wedding was considered "official" here in the US. I was told that our marriage license would be filed with the Jamaican government, and then filed with the US Embassy (making it legal). The resort told me that they would do it all. However, I want to confirm that it is recognized here. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I have at least 3 gallons of shells. I am selling for $15 plus shipping. I have 30 5" Sugar starfish for sale. Will sell for $1 plus shipping. I have teal centerpiece overlays (you can see it in the picture). I am asking $1/ea. I have 30. I also have a couple of runners to match as well. Will include them for $1/ea. I have about 5lbs of blue/teal/aqua/white sea glass. Will sell for $8 plus shipping. I have 27 sets of heart salt and pepper shakers. They are perfectly proportioned for a table of 8. Asking $1/set plus shipping. I have 6 sea shell picture frames for place/seating cards. Asking $3 for all. I have 20 one piece champagne flutes. Asking $15. I have 8 chair hangers that I made. They are made of rafia, and they have a 5" starfish in the center. Asking $30 for all plus shipping. I have a decorative net that I will throw in. I have alot of rafia left. I can throw that in as well. If anything interest you, let me know. We can work out a deal. I got married in Jamaica in October. I need to get rid of it soon because we have family coming to stay with us soon, and the spare room is a wedding disaster zone.
  3. I have sugar starfish that I am trying to get rid of. They are about 5". I have over 30+. I was asking $2.5 each plus shipping. Willing to negotiate though. Let me know if you are interested. You can see them below. I have 6 that I already made the rafia chair "bows". They are pretty plain. I would be willing to sell those for $3.5 each... I can get a picture later on tonight. For now...
  4. I have 35+ sugar starfish. They are approximately 5". They are beautiful. I was asking $2.5 each plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested and we can try to work something out.
  5. I can't find the picture of the one that I actually bought, but this is very similar. The edges are cut differently. Anyhow, this gives you a good idea of what it looks like. I only have two holes, and I am going to use a nice ribbon to tie it (unless I can find something better). I bought starfish charms that I am going to attach to the bow of the ribbon.... Now what to put on the front.... I just don't want it to look cheesy or silly. The pages are printed in color on heavy paper, and custom cut to size. The covers are nice and heavy. So I would hate to mess up the look of the whole book with the front. I am so lost on where to start... ps- what is modge podge? lol
  6. So I bought these album front and back off of Etsy.com. They are so cute. I figured I would make my welcome books with them. Now, I am stuck on how to decorate the front, or what to even put on there... The covers are like partical board, but not as hard, but not as soft as card board. Really weird to explain. I can glue embellishments on, but my problem is writing "Welcome" or "Tiffany and Kyle - October 20, 2011". I have thought about using sticker letters, scrapbooking materials, or something like that, but it would get quite expensive being that I need to make 15 booklets. I also thought about stamps, but the booklets are kinda big (10x5), I feel like if it were too small it would look silly... Any ideas?
  7. Cornflower Blue Garter Set. Its simple, but pretty. The keepsake garter has a rosette with a rhinestone. The toss garter has a bow with a matching rhinestone. I decided to go a different direction after I bought this one. Asking $20 (shipped) obo.
  8. Whats shipping to 32833? Im intetested too.
  9. Me too. Id need 40. When are you planning to place the order? Whats shipping to 32833? Thanks
  10. I would like one starfish dish. How much for shipping to 32833? Thanks.
  11. Vintage bracelet. I decided to go a different direction. Clasp back. I have extender so itll fit any wrist. Asking $35 +shipping obo. Thanks.
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