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  1. yes, I believe I do, I will double check for you. Could you let me know where shipping would be to and I can get a total price for you? Thanks!
  2. np They came in a container with a bunch of other ones, I had to order them online, cannot think of the exact place right now!
  3. alright, another question... what is everyone using for their bridal party entrance song?
  4. Thanks for the tips, I got 2 markers today at Michaels, so hope they work I also just heard from my florist, Bloom Bridal, who sent out my bouquets yesterday and I checked the tracking number she gave me and it says it's not coming until the 29th, which is the day we are leaving for the airport hotel... holy smokes, talk about cutting it close! I'm just really hoping they get here in time. Also, for those of you who used real touch flowers, how did you bring them down? The florist said they're all packed together in a 19x13x13 box and she said past brides carried the box on the plane. The measurements sound bigger than a carry on size, so I'm wondering how that would work. I was initially hoping they were individiually boxed so that I could disperse them amongst the bridesmaids to take down, but now I'm worried they will get squished
  5. I leave in 7 days! I am getting so excited, but am also trying to do all those last minute things Couple questions for you fabulous brides: How did you dress fare after the plane trip down? Did it need to be steamed? And if so, did the resort do it for you? I have done a photo guest book through Shutterfly but am now wondering what is the best type of pen/felt, etc. to use with it? Can I just use a fine tip Sharpie or should I use some sort of scrapbooking pen/felt? Thanks everyone!
  6. I am looking to make some thank you signs similar to those posted below (but I would really like to use the 'scriptina' font). Has anyone done this? I am wondering what kind of material do you put it on, cardboard, etc. and do you just write on it with felt markers or how do you get them printed? Thank you!
  7. We leave on November 30th for our wedding and I am just able to get around to doing the music now Feeling a little rushed to say the least! We are putting our music onto an iPOD for the ceremony music and my sister has given me her iPOD to use, but I don't have one so have no idea how the whole playlist thing works, etc. How should it be broken down with respect to the songs? ie. do I need 1 playlist for bridal party entrance, then 1 for bride entrance, etc. (however, they are only 1 song each)? aahhhhh..... feeling the time pressure now!
  8. Does anyone know how to attach the starfish to the tulle in the first picture below? I would really love to do this for my wedding in 3 weeks (yikes... it's coming so fast!)
  9. Yes, that's what I have seen them mention, but I read some reviews that said it was very romantic, etc. and we are looking for something a little more lively where the guests could mingle and not just have to stay seated and listen to 'romantic' music
  10. Love your thread, and everything looked so beautiful! Just wondering where you got your sand ceremony pouring vases from? Thanks!
  11. Have any previous brides done the sunset catamaran cruise through Lomas Travel? I am hoping that there will be music and dancing as we are a 'lively' crowd
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