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  1. We had our reception above Portofinos in the conference room because it was air conditioned. I debated about having it on the beach but I'm glad I chose the room. It is private and it was to have AC! Everything looked amazing and went smoothly! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better wedding- it was perfect!!
  2. Still at the resort, but just wanted to let everyone know that it was Perfect!!!!!!! Jacki is amazing!
  3. As far as what is included and what is not...from what I have understood Jacki does add a few decorations (flowers on the head table and small things like that) but everything else is either brought down there from the Brides or the resort charges you a CRAZY amount of money to rent the items. I keep going back and forth about this myself! I can't decide if its worth the money to not have to take everything with you or not! Jacki quoted me $6 per chair sash and $25-30 per table overlay. She also quoted me anywhere from $25 for a simple vase with limes and candles to over $150 per vase of flowers plus 11% tax. I wish I knew if I could get cheaper prices on good quality items in Playa Del Carmen! I just hate the fact that everything that is not included in the package is sooo expensive! But that is the wedding business, I suppose!
  4. Hi Candi! Congrats!! I'm getting married at DPA in June and visited the resort last year. I looove it there. When I was down there I saw four weddings. I was told that all the brides used the hair and makeup from the resort and they all looked fabulous. Also, I have booked an outside photographer for the wedding. If you are looking for a photographer please look into Gonzalo Nunez. He takes amazing photos and is VERY reasonably priced! He also is extremely nice and gets back to you in emails very quickly! Good luck with your wedding planning!!!
  5. Very Very cute!! I may have to "borrow" your idea!! Where did you get the picado banner that you used in your design? It is very cute!!
  6. Ashley- I love your decorations! Those table numbers are adorable!! My colors are turquoise and lime green...I think I might have to get those table runners as well! So cute!!! Thanks for the info!! I'm sure you wedding will be AMAZING- can wait to see all the pics! Congrats!!
  7. That's a great idea, Ashley. I really can't justify paying for the upcharges either. I am planning on buying table runners and sashes as well. Where did you get yours from? I had Jacki quote me on centerpieces and they were crazy expensive! I love your idea of putting your bridesmaids bouquets in vases!!
  8. There won't be time to ship it...I'm leaving June 8th :-(
  9. I saw some posts on here regarding flowers at Wal-Mart in Playa Del Carmen....has anyone actually seen/use their flowers before? I was thinking about them for my centerpieces?!
  10. Look into Gonzalo Nunez as well. I booked him for our June 2013 wedding. His photography is amazing and his prices are really good too :-)
  11. Can I please be added to the blue starfish list? My wedding is 6/12/13.
  12. Thanks! I had try googling vintage maps, but the ones that look nice are not free printables :-( and didn't look as nice when saved. Thanks though!
  13. Does anyone have a vintage map of Mexico or know of a good one I could print off? I wanted to use it for my MIB invitation! Thanks :-)
  14. Photography is really important to me, so I am using an outside photographer (Gonzalo Nunez). He was wonderful about getting back to me, his photography is amazing, and he is reasonably priced. He is also doing a TTD session a few days after they wedding as well. I was wondering if anybody had any pictures of the banquet hall during a wedding? I went to DPA a year ago, and it just looked really plain. However, I did not see it when it was decorated for a wedding. I really like the idea of having AC at the reception though! Brides that have had there weddings on the beach...was it OK not having a dance floor? Was it really windy?
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