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  1. I I like the wedge, but I'm really short and wouldn't feel sexy enough in a flat. The flat is very pretty though!
  2. They came out great!! I bought a few materials to do some tanks as well, but haven't actually done the project yet. I can't believe we are almost in double digit countdown, either!!! It's coming so fast! This weekend I went with my niece to pick up a flower girl dress check that off the list.... Lol
  3. Let me know if you need help. I recently opened an Etsy store since so many girls are really liking my DIY things and graphic designs
  4. I recently opened an Etsy store since so many girls are really liking my DIY things and graphic designs.
  5. I made it. Sorry! You prob won't find one online. I searched too, and then I finally just created it myself.
  6. They will. I really think it is written poorly. I ordered those ones truly believing I was ordering the right thing and they sent me the right ones with no questions asked. It was very fast, too!
  7. It's ok. Yes absolutely! and like i said if I don't get something in the store quick enough let me know what you want and I can put a custom package together for you
  8. Your pics are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful and beautiful wedding! I love your bridesmaids robes! Where did you find them?
  9. While I'm in the process of getting different things up if there is something anyone wants that you don't see definitely just ask and I am more than happy to make it for you! Which program are you referring to?
  10. We are probably ordering our son's outfit from studio suits with the other men's outfits. I definitely think its fine to have a ring bearer and no flower girl. do whatever you want. It's your wedding!
  11. Thank you so much, ladies! I really enjoy designing paper goods so hopefully I will be able to contribute to a lot of girl's special day!
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