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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sheilla Thanks so much for posting the photos! I am getting married in May 2014 at el Cid and it is quite difficult to organise without that much information available. Have you guys decided the location of the wedding yet? gazebo, beach or garden? I am not sure yet which one to go for as I am a little concerned being outdoor might be too hot. We used the jetty for the wedding ceremony (wonderful breeze and picture perfect!!!) and we had our wedding dinner and reception on the beach. I don't think it was hot after sundown. Just beware of the garden. One photographer warned me that he photographed there once and noticed too many bugs because of the grass. Guests had to use repellent all the time and many of them had tons of mosquito bites all over.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by meganlaura Thanks everyone for the info and photos! It really does help with planning. I am trying to plan my menu, any tips or advice in regards to the meal options would be greatly appreciated. Hi Megan, Our guests loved the reception dinner. We chose: 1st Course: Mediterranean Salad with Shrimp 2nd Course: Lagostine bisque with Choux Entree: Beef Tournedos or Fish Roll stuffed with cream cheese Dessert: Chocolate Dome with hazelnut sauce and Tres leches wedding cake.. Delish!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BurnsBride How did both of your weddings turn out?!? We are considering for May 2014 as we were just there for a vacation and it was beautiful. I'm really curious about both your time lines and extra costs... Thanks! Kyle Kyle, if you have gmail chat, feel free to find me. I can answer questions avborges81@gmail.com
  4. Hi Kyle, we had the best time! The weather was perfect and the hotel was 1st class. Guests were also pretty happy! Let me know if you have specific questions but I'm including a few pics to show you the decoration we chose. I tried to keep it romantic and simple. I loved the final results!
  5. Aww thank you! I cry each time I see it and I'm so sad it's over! It was a wonderful experience!
  6. Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary! Our photographer sent us this slideshow... I can't stop watching it and reliving the moment! http://reilly.amorcitocorazonstudio.com/#/reilly/
  7. My husband and I sent 6 days at our wedding resort and 6 days at an adults only resort. We actually felt pretty lonely after everybody left! So weird but we wish we had friends with us at our honeymoon.. lol
  8. I love all the pictures!! Can you guys please post the link to your photographer's blog, if they have one? I would love to read more about your weddings from their perspective! I'm still waiting for my photog's link. Btw, my future sister-in-law loved our wedding so much that she's now planning a destination wedding!
  9. I also wish I could do it all over again!! We had an amazing time! Here are some of my pics...
  10. Hashtag in Facebook is new but just in time for our weddings! We asked all our guests to add #reillywedding as a comment when they post pics. Type the hashtag in Search and all pics come up! It's awesome!!
  11. Hi Ladies! Our wedding was wonderful! The weather has been amazing here in the Riviera Maya... we are using #reillywedding on Facebook if you want to check some of the pictures out! Best of luck to the brides getting married in the coming days!! Love, Mrs. Reilly
  12. Great job with the packing! I have all the decor and items spread out on our table so I can visualize.. lol I also fly on the 12th but out of NYC! Can't wait!
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