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  1. Hi ladies! My sister in law is getting married at the grand sirenis next November. I was wondering if you girls have any recommendations for photographers? Thanks in advanced!
  2. I was just thinking about this the other day! Were doing a college with picture canvases, as well as a coffee table book.
  3. These are the following items I have for sale from my wedding. Please note the silk flowers are brand new. PM if your interested- shipping not included. 1) Silk Flower Bouquets- Vintage style. I have 4 available, these are brand new! They would look great as part of center peices or on guest book table! Selling them for $15 each. 2) 8 new silk flower bouquets- These silk flowers are beautiful and would be perfect to use as aisle flowers, center pieces, or for flower girls! You can also bunch a couple for bridesmaid bouquets or bridal bouquet. Selling all 8 bouquets for $100 3) 30 Chair sashes- 15 (royal blue) and 15 (Turquoise) for $30
  4. Hi Nickieb! The resort has a strict policy on outside photographer, but if your photographer is a guest from the resort then it can be your "friend" that is taking pics for you . We went with Chris Schmitt Photography (http://www.chrisschmittphotography.com/) and he was so AMAZING! We just got accessed to all our pics today and everything was photographed so perfectly. If you don't have a photographer, then I would suggest looking into him because at the time that we booked he covered his own flight (which saved us a lot of $$). He is such a talented photographer, and will do what ever it takes to get you memorable pictures.
  5. They have seashells available at the hacienda and at the Coba shops as well
  6. Sunshine- I bought 4 of those exact Starfish to Mexico and custom didn't have any issues when they searched my bag! I just told them everything in my suitcase was for the wedding. I Bought them at Michaels with a 40% coupon, so you should see if they are still available. If you can't find them then check eBay
  7. Hi Maria! Yes, the staff does cut the wedding cake for you after the first cut by you and your husband. We had the poolside reception until 11, but could have definitely stayed longer. You might need to make that special request to your WC
  8. I believe it was $110 per person for the gold member! They get better seats and view of the stage . And yes, unfortunately if some guests go with gold then your group will be separated. When we went they had a certain section for all the GBP gold members, and GBP standard tickets.
  9. There's no Coco Bongo on Sundays! We went on a Wednesday and it was still packed!! Booked 2 days in advance . It might be easier to do all the bookings when your there.... Just make sure you negotiate
  10. Sunshine, We went to Coco Bongo and it was so much fun! There's Coco bongo reps everywhere by the pool and lobby. We bought ours a couple days before. There's 2 packages.... 1) is VIP (lower level, better view of stage, table and seats) 2) regular pass (higher level, no seats, decent) We had 21 people and went with the regular pass. If there is only a small group going then I would go with VIP. When we first talked to the coco bongo rep he quoted us $65 per person..... Then we talked him down to $60 plus bride and groom free entrance. I thought that was a good deal, until our best man talked to our wedding coordinator and got $50 per person. So I would probably wait and ask your wedding coordinator during your sit down meeting. It really depends on how many ppl are going to coco bongo.
  11. Cynlee143

    Vow Renewal

    We just got married in Mexico on May 22, 2012 and it was absoluately beautiful!! We had so much fun that were already talking about renewing our vows in 5 or 10 years . Depending on the location it most likely be a small gathering of immediate family and close friends, or it may just be the two of us in an exotic destination like Bora Bora.
  12. You looked so STUNNING!! I love the beach pic.... so romantic. Can't wait to see more from your wedding
  13. I'm not sure how big they were, but we bought 2 bags for our beach wedding and that wasn't enough ... but it would have been blown away from the breeze too lol. Their $10 or $11 usd per bag and you can get them in any colors you want.
  14. We did the same too . Oh, we also bought glow sticks ($1 at michaels or dollarama) for the poolside reception and that was a big hit!
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