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  1. Sorry for the delayed response... haven't been on here in forever! We did extend our reception to 4 hours and I do not believe we were charged extra. Good luck!
  2. A little blurry but the 2 flower "medallions" look something like what is on the pole behind the girls. Simple but ads a little something extra. You can also have it with different color flowers but I chose to stick with white. Hope that helps!
  3. Yes I completely agree. I think they don't want to be held responsible in writing over e-mail but are much more lenient in person once you arrive and have your meeting.
  4. It is not considered credits....everything has a price tag and if you don't use it they MAY credit you back the money or apply it to something else added. I hope this clarifies things a little.
  5. I would stick with having the videographer since it is included in the package. They did an awesome job and it was so great being able to relive that day once things have settled down!
  6. I had the same problem before. I believe you placed the images as an attachment instead of insert picture.
  7. I requested an extra hour but didn't end up paying for it. I would def try to talk her into giving you an extra hour. 3 hours is no where near enough time! 4 hours was even pushing it! They do try to clear you out quickly! we all just went right to the beach bar after.
  8. If it is open just tell them that you want it earlier. It should not be a problem. I had mine at the Pergola at 4pm.
  9. EJay2013 yes my photographer is currently living in Korea but he does destination weddings and came all the way to Mexico for our wedding! I am sure he can work out a price for you.
  10. I brought my own photographer and he stayed on the resort so there was no extra charge.
  11. I gave my guests 3 choices. Beef filet, Tuna steak, a vegetarian dish (pasta with vegetables). You should be fine.
  12. I like this idea! I think it will work just fine! You will have to have table numbers on each table though. Instead of using a number we put a picture frame and a location my husband and I had traveled to together. We had a message in a bottle with each persons name and had a tag hanging off with the table location name....just an idea. I did an rsvp card with 3 entrees to choose from and I also asked guests to list any allergies (some people are also vegetarian and gluten free which they have separate menus to choose from). I had 45 guests at our wedding and almost everyone sent back an rsvp card even those who were not attending (but we did provide them with an envelope and return stamp). I also had a website which no one rsvp to.
  13. Work with Wendy! I just got married in Mexico and Wendy was my travel agent. She did an amazing job! Nothing but positive feedback from all of our guests! She is extremely helpful and is always looking out for your best interest!
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