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  1. Honestly, people don't pay attention to the lyrics. You're fine, girl! No worries.
  2. That's awesome that it worked out! But what if something happens with the Ipod? I was reading this post on the Marriage.com forums about it, and they just said to "Make sure you make duplicates of the same playlist on different backup ipods (friends, family) and have friends DJ throughout the night! Also, be sure to put the master playlist on a computer. Better yet, make a note of all the songs and send a copy to one of your attendants for him/her to keep– just in case! Last minute emergency solved."(http://www.marriage.com/dj-or-ipod) but none of my friends are tech people and I have no idea how much renting a stereo system would cost. Ideas?
  3. OK! I'm so glad I found you guys because I'm also curious about purchasing my dress online, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea at all after I heard the experts talk about it on http://www.marriage.com/thinking-of-purchasing-my-gown-online. Maybe I'm just a bridezilla and a total control freak, but I really just want things to be perfect and for me not to stress out anymore. Was buying the dress online MORE or LESS stressful for you ladies? Btw, one of the things they mentioned was: "Was it a designer dress? If the dress is ridiculously cheap it might be a knock off. Not that I have anything against buying online, but I just wanted to let you know. One of my best friends from college ordered a dress that she saw online, and everything from the stitching and the shape was off– it did NOT look like the picture. Ive heard of some people having good and bad luck with getting dresses online at a price so low. Some say you can’t tell its a knock off and some can. So if it sounds way to good to be true, it probably is. But if its just a little cheaper go for it. I would really research the company you want to buy it from." Agree or disagree?
  4. ALSO just found this link from TheKnot: http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-budget.aspx They have a cool? (or scary) wedding budget calculator. Here ya go: http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning-tools/tools-wedding-budget.aspx Needless to say, I need to cut down the # of guests.
  5. VistaPrint is amazing. I heard about them through some friends in college, actually (haha, college kids know all the best budgeting stuff... sometimes). Also, does anyone know anything about planning a wedding with "nontraditional" options? "Have your wedding on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon. Serve lunch instead of dinner, or just serve hors d’oeuvres." via http://www.marriage.com/blog/advice/planning-a-wedding-on-a-budget/ Is this even feasible for destination weddings??
  6. Also, now that you found someone custom, does that mean that there will be more fittings, or will it be about the same? I'd hope that you'd have more attention and more dedication since they're working directly with you, and I'd like that (if it's the case). That said, I'm sort of curious about having so many fittings. I was reading in some other forums that: "Once your gown arrives from the designer you will hopefully be in the best shape you were aiming for. This said: gowns are typically manufactured according to cookie cutter patterns graded from one size to the next. These patterns are created from hard-stock paper and cannot possibly be expected to caress the nuances of your physique. Therefore expect at least 2-4 fittings." via http://www.marriage.com/dress-fitting-schedule I've heard this 2-4 number everywhere... but 2 is totally different from 4... and all of it makes me nervous. I mean, i get what they're saying, but is that true for you ladies who already got fitted? Would there be less "fittings" since they custom make it, or more?
  7. I can only hope that I'll also narrow down and finally find the dress of my dreams. Get ready for a post from me (eh, probably not soon) in all caps about FINALLY FINDING MY DRESS too! Seriously I dream of the day when I put it on and everything feels right. CONGRATS, girl!
  8. I really like the idea of the necklace because it's more.... personal than a gift card... and aside from the fact that I love the necklace itself (AH TIFFANYS), you know she'll treasure it for a while. Even as she gets older However, if that's a little bit too much, maybe you could get her a special day in advance, like a spa day? 16 year old girls don't really get that many spa days, haha (well, in MY day they didn't) and a nice massage, mani/pedi, and facial would be nice (and less expensive than the necklace if you get it in a package). It depends on whether or not you're feeling OK with the fact that.. well.. it wouldn't be a "tangible" gift. but IMHO, people care more about experiences than just goods, is all I'm saying. Make her day special, right?
  9. Hello hello from Chicago! Just wanted to introduce myself real quickly-- I'm new to the forum world so excuse me if I'm a little bit of a noob to all this wedding stuff I was recommended to visit after bombarding my MOH and other friends with frantic, endless questions about my big day. My boyfriend (or should I say fiance :D ) who's a bit of a techie told me I should get online, so I did. Our date isn't exactly set yet, but we're deciding between mid/late June of 2012, and yes we are planning a bit early We're thinking about a destination wedding, but we wanted to do as much 1) researching so that we could 2) convince all of our family/friends that it was a magnificent idea and 3) be completely informed. I'm really looking for somewhere that's not too far (closer to home / the US) but part of me wants to stray farther away. Then again, my fiance and I have really been liking the Napa Valley idea... I'm here mostly for any/all advice (esp budget advice) you can give me! Hit me with your best shot haha. I'm super excited and so happy, so lead me in the right direction, ladies!
  10. Just as everyone said, sweet color combination. I really think they came out great.... I even like them better than the passport idea (gasp) but maybe just because it's so unique
  11. OK-- one thing I'm worried about for the whole Ipod thing (I'm pretty sure that's what we're going to do because we're on a super tight budget and don't really know how to go about finding a good DJ)--what if something goes wrong with the IPod? What kind of backup plan should I have? I feel like that would be the worst disaster for the dance floor.... but it's really not in our budget to do the DJ thing right now. *sigh*
  12. Dollar Tree never fails me. I think really cheap places like salvation army and garage sales have really cute vases/bowls you can give out as containers in lieu of bags if you have a vintage themed wedding.
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