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  1. stbmrsfreeman: Your post about them not being able to be your photographer breaks my heart. I got married at Cabo Azul last June, and their blog is the REASON we chose Cabo Azul. I'm so confused because they have advertised CAR for free to so many brides through their website. It is truly a shame that CAR is now only letting certain photographers do weddings at their resort. Be careful of price mark-ups because of this -- it might be because they are making brides pay extra and giving these "approved" photographers kick-backs. Bad business. Shame on Cabo Azul. So sorry that you're
  2. The bridesmaid dresses are JCrew, but I have to warn you... the dresses have a very strange bodice that you can't see in the pictures. My bridesmaids called them "U" boobs. Not a cute or functional look -- half of the girls ended up adding straps for the reception. But they look good in pictures! The jr. bridesmaid and flower girl dresses were ordered online -- forget the name of the website, but if you're interested I can find it for you. Good luck with your planning, and great color choices!
  3. Hi KatieJ, Koozies are by Canary Marketing -- we worked with Cadi who is a friend of ours.
  4. Aww, you guys are sweet. Mishele81 -- it's Badgley Mischka, and the name of the dress is Fifi. Just a note -- this dress does not bustle well. My bridesmaid ended up tying the train in a knot by the end of the night so I could dance. NOT a good look.
  5. This was one of my favorite threads before the wedding! Had to post mine after! Model: All of my pics by Alec and T (www.alecandt.com)
  6. We had 140 guests, so this was tough. But for less than $10/bag, we ended up having: large canvas beach bags from Oriental Trading Company with handmade "Gracias" tags with our logo on the back One Corona and one lime per person in custom Koozies, plus an original "Corona and Lime" welcome poem a handmade bracelet (a friendship bracelet in our colors made by our niece) honoring a loved one who is no longer with us Mexican candy (from the Gigante in Cabo) in clear palm tree bags from Oriental Trading Company Different bags filled with squirt guns, pool toys, and candy for the kids.
  7. Update: Our guests LOVED these. We saw them everywhere during our wedding weekend -- the pool, the beach, as carry-ons on the way home... They were perfect.
  8. Awww... thanks for the sweet comments, girls! Anudrm - My 10 year-old niece made the bracelets. Do you know any kids? Chances are they can help you with the bracelets -- I don't know the exact technique, but it's a bit like braiding and all of the girls seem to be into it right now. It was really cool seeing everyone wear them -- it really set the mood for the day. It's a great way to remember a loved one in a happy, positive way!
  9. Hi MODS, Hoping you can help me.... I'd love to do a review on Cabo Azul Resort in San Jose del Cabo, but it is not currently listed and I can't add it. Any tips? Thanks!! Lisa
  10. I hope to add more pics soon. For now, I hope it helps some of you that are planning weddings with these colors, or are booked at Cabo Azul! Best of luck with your planning. Enjoy! Invitations Fun details -- the guests LOVED their koozies!! All 140 people at our wedding wore these the entire weekend. Two months later, my husband and in-laws still have them on! On the back is a cute picture of my husband and his late uncle. The dress Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaid, and flower girl in navy. The necklaces were their BM gi
  11. Navy blue, emerald green, hot pink. Photos are by Alec and T. Here are my bridesmaids:
  12. Hi Ladies, This was a great lesson for me. It goes to show that you really can't have your heart set on something.... Key to a destination wedding = FLEXIBILITY! I originally, with your help, chose #1 but with more calla lilies. Here's what I actually got (photo by Alec and T.):
  13. It's so hard to choose!! Here are two. Both are by Alec & T. (www.alecandt.com)
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