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  1. Hey Ladies, My sister ordered more luggage tags than she needed and is selling 50 of them. She would like .75 a tag and shipping. Please contact her at Ebony.Sparkes@gmail.com. I have attached a picture of my save the date as these are the same tags she has.
  2. I'm sorry, all the extra stuff I had I have sold now. But I've listed all the sites I used to purchase them from
  3. 9 Spanish Phrases for Dummies Book that are leftover from my August wedding. Bought for $1 a piece at Target. Will sell for the same price plus shipping. PM me if interested or contact me at Misty.Jappa@gmail.com.
  4. I can tell you that the cylinders with the floating flowers are only $60 as we had them. Hi Ladies!!! I know it's been a long time
  5. Jenise, love the pics!!! You were stunning Congrats to all the new bride to be's on the forum and happy planning, you won't be disappointed in Dreams at all!
  6. JENISE!!! Congrats Mami! We are going to have to catch up! I wasn't able to see the pics from Micheal's FB, so if you guys have the link, please send it to me I'm glad you had a great experience! It was so much more easier once you get there. I think most of us on the forum think way too hard about it all before you get there, and then you get there and you end up being like, "damn, I didn't need all this stuff, and so on". I do plan on finishing up my review for you ladies, just bear with me and in the meantime, feel free to shoot me an email. Â Oh and by the way, EMAIL HAS CHANGED TO Misty.Jappa@gmail.com!!
  7. Hey Eliana! Â I must say the Beach Setup is not private at all and I personally wouldn't recommend it. It's even a little seaweed and stuff that drifts up on the beach. I didn't see anyone use it for a reception, but they do have private dinner setup on the beach for couples and I'm sure that is the same area that would probably have the wedding receptions at. Â Misty Â
  8. We brought our own photographer and it was no problem at all. Since she stayed at the Resort, we just told them we wouldn't need photography services. If you are hiring someone to come only for the day though, you will need to pay a day pass for them. Â And they are not willing to substitute anything in the packages.
  9. Â Thanks Ladies!!! I had the time of my life in those pictures, even though I did have a split second where I told her I couldn't get the dress wet the next morning, lol. But then I was like whatever, I came this far, I am going to go all out!!!
  10. LOL, I'm going to have it up, I swear, before the end of the week!! <3 you Sarah!  But in the meantime, here's some pics from the wedding and Trash the Dress!  Some wedding pics:  http://blog.nkoesterphotography.com/2010/08/misty-solomon.html Trash the Dress Pics:  http://blog.nkoesterphotography.com/2010/08/trash-dress-punta-cana-style.html  Â
  11. "Right on top of that Rose!" ~ movie quote from one of my fav movies, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" LOL
  12.  Hey Carol, we just got married there last Monday and we had the symbolic ceremony so we had my brother in law actually officiate the ceremony. We wrote our own vows, had 2 readings by my sister and best man.  I will tell you at 3pm it is going to be very HOT! They don't even allow the kids in the pool between 12-2 at the Explorer's club because they say that is when the heat is the more severe. We got married at 5:30 and my husband was still sweating.  I forgot my sand ceremony vases and the WC did have vases and sand that we used. I'll try to post some pictures up of the actual ceremony when I get a chance. I have so many non-pro pictures to go through since we saved all of our guests pictures on our laptop while we were there, so I need to really sit down and sort them out and find good ones. Good luck planning  Misty Â
  13. LADIES! I AM BACK!!! I have to catch up on all that's going on, on the forum, but wanted to let you all know that we returned safely and boy do I have so much to tell you all! If you any questions in the meantime, feel free to post here or shoot me an email at Misty.Mitchell@gmail.com. I have so many pictures and will do my best to send some good pictures to those who want to see certain parts of the Resort. Â Also if your my friend on Facebook, you will see my photographer posted 2 sneak peeks up yesterday of the Trash the Dress session! She said we ROCKED it, but I couldn't have done it without her! She was great and by far the best choice we made in having her there! Â I'll be working on a review for you new girls and will try to post by the end of next week!
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