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  1. Regarding the rain, I told Gara that I was having my wedding in the sand regardless of rain. We dealt with Hurricane Emily all day and at 5:30 - the rain stopped - my wedding was at 6pm. It was a miracle, really. They tried very hard to move me inside, but I was determined to get married on the beach. We had the Himitsu booked and they moved us into a dark room behind it without notifying me. I wasnt very happy about it, but must say the humidity outside may have just killed my guests....they all had a great time anyway!! We moved our party down to the disco when the reception ended. The people who work in the disco are great with the entertainment. It was lots of fun......maybe a little too much to drink? !
  2. Thanks! Our wedding coordinator was Gara. The slow service you get through email is no better when you arrive...just a warning! Smart move getting married at home. Nobody will know; I didnt even realize we had not gotten legally married until the day after!
  3. I just returned from my wedding at Dreams Punta Cana. Overall, I am glad I did it; however, a lot went wrong. Regarding the Bonfire question... I did see the bonfire that the resort held for the guests, it was nice; however, when I asked my wedding coordinator to do it at 9:30 pm - she refused as she said she had to be there and she could only be there until 7pm. Well it was light at 7pm and who wanted a bonfire then? We did the La Bacaraza dinner cruise the night after the wedding - that was a blast - highly recommend it!! Best food we had and the friendliest people we came across! Anyone considering the Ultimate package...I would say reconsider. I didnt get to use my hair and make up appt as other things got in the way and the photographer charged us a bundle for only photographing the wedding itself. The pictures provided were very poor quality. Definately bring in your own photographer. We were not given a lot of things promised. Our wedding coordinator was rude and did not want to help us at all. Dont expect a lot in the way of customer service...its not there!! It was a fun place to party; the disco does a lot of fun stuff so I guess that made up for the lack of air conditioning in the rooms. We did get legally married there. If I had to do it again, I would get married at home and just do a ceremony there. The paper work we had to do prior was very costly and time consuming. The judge did not show up for the wedding due to rain so we had to get remarried the next day in a conference room. And...the wedding certificate will not arrive for 16 weeks....and it will come in Spanish and have to be translated!! Now I cannot even legally change my name until I receive this! Definatelty recommend the cocktail hour. It gave us a chance to finish our photos while our guest enjoyed drinks and appetizers. It had rained earlier in the day and they moved my reception inside without even notifying me! I was a little surprised as we were supposed to be on the Himitsu Terrace. The food that was served was good, but was not what we ordered (nobody who worked there seemed to care much!) I will say the cake was beautiful. I brought my own cake topper and wasnt really expecting much, but it was a beautiful cake! I asked to take the leftovers back to my room, but they said I could not take the cake! (health reasons??) Anyway, we had 32 guests so we got the cake that was included for 20 and then paid for 12 extras - it was waaay too much cake...I recommend not paying for as many guests as you have. The flowers provided with the package were also very nice. I provided my own centerpieces for the reception which disappeared and the wedding coordinator could not tell me where they went. I found one in the World Cafe being used at their guest desk on my way out and took it, but never found the other 2! The sales people in the lobby trying to sell time shares to their new resort were very annoying and persistent. My advice is to totally ignore them! We tried to be nice, but they would not leave us alone!! About 75% of my guests were sick with stomach stuff for 4-6 days upon their return to the states. I myself was not sick; my new husband was only sick for two days. Not sure what it was from? Overall, I think my guests had a good time and they did not realize all the stuff that went wrong behind the scenes. I was very disappointed with the service, but had a beautiful wedding anyway!
  4. I am leaving next week for my wedding. Can anyone who has been there answer a couple of questions please!! 1) does the hotel provide shampoo & conditioner? 2) did anyone use the hotelbeds tour credit included in some packages? If so, do you have contact info for them? How did it go?? Thank you - I can seem to get any answers from the hotel staff!!
  5. I'm getting married in two weeks and I am wondering who "runs" the reception? Meaning, who keeps the reception flowing, announces the cake, etc?? Does the wedding coordinator do this? Can someone who has had a reception tell me?? Please??
  6. We are on the Himitsu - you? Gara is our wedding coordinator and yes it is very hard to get any responses. She finally sent me a list today of items she needs from me!! Are you having a beach or gazebo wedding? (we are having beach - Im a little nervous about the weather)
  7. Hi - I am getting married on August 4th at 6pm - my wedding coordinator is Gara. How about you??
  8. Yes, please send me photos! jimlizwedding@yahoo.com Thanks!
  9. Yes, please send me your wedding photos. I am getting maried on August 4th and would love to see them. jimlizwedding@yahoo.com Thanks!
  10. Can anyone tell me what the wedding cake looked like? tasted? Is there a topper on it - or do you bring your own?
  11. I called the front desk and insisted on talking to someone. that worked!
  12. Your photos are beautiful! Did the resort photographer take them? I am getting married on August 4th...getting a little nervous about the weather!!
  13. Can anyone let me know their experience with getting the legal documents to the hotel? Dreams says they have to be translated into Spanish and then go to the consulate; however, the Dominican Republic Embassy's website stated they can be in English. I really dont want to pay to have 23 pages translated if not necessary. I'd appreciate any assistance! Thanks!
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