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  1. Hi everyone! I just got back from Jamaica last week and had an incredible time and the wedding was wonderful. I had lots of people ask if I was going to create a website when I get home where everyone can upload their Jamaica/wedding pics to one location. Any suggestions?
  2. Hutchets, I've been dying to know more information about this beach party! My wedding at at 5 pm on a Saturday. I was considering paying for the private beach party just to be sure I get to do my first dance with my fiance and father/daughter dance. It's $300/hr for a DJ and $10 pp for the bartender though. How was the beach party? I wonder if I could have them play 2 songs for me.
  3. Thanks Ericka! You just asked for an upgrade? Which wedding package did you have? I was planning on the "free" wedding package, but some of the other packages say they come with an upgrade. Thanks for the pics and link!
  4. TO ALL ROR BRIDES OF THE PAST: What kind of room did you get? Does anyone have any pictures? I'm having so much trouble finding pics of the rooms that really show them. I booked an oceanfront junior suite, but I just saw a pic today from someone that went there in 2007 and it looks exactly like the normal room at the Riu I stayed at in Mexico! Also, ALL of my guests are booking the same room type as us and my sister of course has to book the best room possible, the Oceanfront Jacuzzi Suite. Dare I spend extra to get the Jacuzzi Suite instead?
  5. Hi Naomi Louise! You're getting married one week before me! 6 months out.... I just got white bedazzled flip flops from Payless. I have a long dress so you won't be able to see them really. Very comfortable. I might go shoeless for the walk down the aisle! Picture: Quote: Originally Posted by Naomi Louise Hi Girlies! I have just read all your posts, they are all helpful with planning my wedding. we are getting married 15th march 2012. I'm currently trying to decide on shoes!! What shoes are you all going for??
  6. Hi Ericka! I haven't gotten married there yet, but I got a great suggestion for a photographer that my friend who got married in Jamaica last year gave me. His name is Brian Nejedly. He's on facebook and posts all kinds of new awesome pictures all the time. He lives in Jamaica, but came from Georgia I think. Here's his website: www.briandesign.com I already have him booked for next March!
  7. I found a great website for my bridesmaid presents! My bridesmaid dresses are coral, so I am getting each person an orange sapphire ring. That sounds expensive, but I found some great deals! Maid of honor ring: http://ww.liquidationchannel.com/product/Orange_Sapphire_(Pear)_Ring_in_Platinum_Overlay_Sterling_Silver_(Size_8)_TGW_2.51_cts./817855 Rest of the bridesmaids: http://ww.liquidationchannel.com/product/Orange_Sapphire_(Ovl)_Solitaire_Ring_in_Platinum_Overlay_Sterling_Silver_(Size_6)_TGW_0.57_cts./861186 I'll of course have them sized, but I think they'll love them!
  8. I agree jaykay! I gave it some thought and I'm going to do it. Both my dad and I like that song and since we saw Chicago in concert together it has meaning. Screw it!
  9. That sounds great! I always thought it would be fun taking dance lessons. I'm going to check that out!
  10. I really like this one too. I found a great Save the Date magnet that I ordered. Check this out! http://www.magnetstreet.com/florida-save-the-date-magnets It says it's for Florida, but I just wrote Jamaica on it. I haven't gotten them yet but the proof looked great!
  11. I was considering taking dance lessons too! I cannot dance at all and don't have much rhythm. My first dance with my FI and Dad will be on the beach and I'd like to avoid the dance by ourselves at the AHR! There's only going to be twenty some people in Jamaica, but up to 150 at the AHR! Maybe if I get good at it I'll do it. Where do you even find a place that does private dance lessons?
  12. I love this bag suggested by melissa 7821! Check it out: That's perfect. I wanted a bag that would close, but not too expensive. The small ones are only $2.49!
  13. Maybe I don't have to do favors at the AHR! I would love to find ways to cut costs. I'm already spending so much on the venue, catering, and bar, it would be nice to not have to add anything additional. As far as etiquette goes, I say screw etiquette! I personally wanted a destination wedding so I wouldn't have to follow all kinds of rules. I'm going to wear my dress to McDonald's if I want. After the AHR, I might wear it when I clean the house too
  14. Sweet! That's probably the way I'll go. Is there anywhere that you list where you are registered? People ask, but is there an official way to do that? On the invitation to the AHR or just wait for people to ask? I don't want to look greedy or demanding.
  15. No problem! They seem to combine different websites. They even personalize the sunscreen and playing cards for OOT bags.
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