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  1. Holy Moly!!! That was awesome!!! Hope my guests NEVER see this thread...because I'm slacking! LOL! Great job...just awesome!
  2. I'm right there with you! I check it like a crazy person!!! LOL! Why is it that its sunny every day BUT next Friday!?!?! URGH! More than likely it will be fine, but seeing that it says 'showers' doesn't help my anxiety!!!
  3. I think it IS shrek! Lol! So were the appetizers complimentary? I thought you mentioned you didn't end up paying for them because your ceremony and dinner moved closer together. What were the appetizers?
  4. Did any of the past brides tip the minister or Nancy? or the photographer?
  5. We'll have about 18-20 people.... I have a couple that is still supposed to come but they haven't given me their info yet. As far as I know, the hotel is now sold out for the dates we're going soooo, if they say they booked and really didn't, they are S.O.L. I can't wait til this is over. My guests are driving me CRAZY. I probably won't do a planning thread...but will do a review with pics and stuff when I return. So my new anxiety? The weather. The extended forcast doesn't look so good for me. Rain starting next Wednesday...sooo hopefully its the 20min down pour and sunny right after. U
  6. Wow...that sounds like you guys had a great time. You are really putting my mind at ease! Thanks for sharing!! I leave one week from today!!!! eeeek!
  7. I've read a couple reviews like that... also there was a discussion on the "travel forum" section. I'm just a bundle of nerves I'm leaving two weeks from today.
  8. Ok, now I know I shouldn't be reading trip advisor every day like a crackhead, but whats up with the reviews for our hotel and COCKROACHES!!!? I would freak out if my room or any of my guests rooms had cockroaches everywhere!
  9. Planning? Urgh. Always drama here. So my FI's daugter isn't coming to the wedding (she was actually my BM too). She is 16 and his cousin was supposed to escort her down and stay with her. Well this 'cousin' is MIA. She hasn't replied to texts, doesn't answer fone calls, etc. So yeah, she totally is ignoring him probably because she can't afford it...i dunno. He was even gonna help pay for the cousins travel. Its just rude. He is so sad because he really doesn't have anyone from his immediate family attending We've wrecked our brain to find a way to get her there...there is no option. Now be
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