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    Now Jade Resort Wedding July 2011

    Hello, How is the planning going? my wedding is July 16th and i am still deciding on my bridesmaids flowers and my centerpieces. Please let me know...
  2. yules

    Now Jade Resort Wedding July 2011

    Hello Chinaire, I can't wait but also i am alittle scared because i am still worried about the makeup, photographer and of course the DJ. This forum has been helpful but i guess in January or february i will start contacting Pilar to get ideas on the makeup artist there and everything else.
  3. Thanks for sharing. where can i view your video and the pictures. I am getting married there on July 2011 and i am actually scared when it comes to my flowers and photographer i haven't picked my flowers or centerpieces yet. Any suggestions???
  4. Hello All, We have decided to get married at the Now Jade Resort and i am excited but also scared. I don't know how to start planning for it. I have Pilar as my help but i am scared that when we get there our DJ isn't good or our centerpieces and also the locations. If anyone went there for their wedding please help me with ideas.. thank youuuu