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    Hi Sasha! Thank you! I emailed back and forth with the wedding coordinator. However, when you get there they have binders of things and ideas that you can pick out. But, being me... I like to have ideas in mind before hand.... We gave our guests the travel agent we were using...and so they either booked with them or found something on cheaptickets.com or expedia. Theres different wedding packages that you can choose with the resort..and on that you'll see what is included and what the extras are..and you can decide what extra things you want. feel free to PM me for any other questions you may have. I'll go into much detail as possible and I def had the wedding of my dreams there! and my guests all loved it there too! and I have to post my review too!
  2. i purchased the bags of petals from the wedding department and the wedding coordinator actually threw them down(pouring water on them too)..so that they would stay better..right before we walked and the guests were helping throw some in too. Because some of them do get blown away by the wind. But nonetheless, it was still very pretty i dont think the resort will have any problem as long as they are real flowers.
  3. ahh sorry.. i meant But, then again, I'm comparing it to some really really good food that i had in the nyc, nj area. Which you can't expect to have b/c it is an all inclusive resort. I wrote "can" haha sorry! i meant "cant"
  4. thank you all for the congrats! Im so sorry for the slow response. but i have 2 finals tomorrow for acupuncture school, and another comprehensive exam the week after..but after that i promise to write a very detailed review!!! and def feel free to ask as many questions as you want! But in response to Meaganrose03! Dreams cancun was absolutely stunning and breathtaking. It was that gazebo overlooking the water and the picture of the reception on the beach was what made me fall in love with it in the first place and also reading the reviews in regards to it on the this forum...there is an abundant of info on it on this site! The hotel staff were all super friendly and my wedding coordinator was THE best wedding coordinator ever. His name is Guillermo! He went above and beyond and you can def tell he is very passionate about what he does. We had 70 guests and all flew in from NJ/NYC/Philly area. Everyone had such a great time and are still talking about it. If you are looking for great view/beautiful scenery..def look at dreams cancun. I had the wedding of my dreams I would say that I thought the food was average. But, then again, I'm comparing it to some really really good food that i had in the nyc, nj area. Which you can expect to have b/c it is an all inclusive resort. There were certain things that were pretty good like the steak they had at seaside grill. And the breakfast at the world cafe was really good! i thik they even had fresh squeeze juices in the morning. and fresh fruit too! But, the service was A+++ , I just naturally wanted to tip everyone b/c they were so sweet and friendly. Even the spa salon...they did such a great job for me an my bridesmaids(i had five) and my mom and mother in law too. The rooms I feel like were ok. It's def not modern, but it does give you that mexico feel. I think they are going to be renovating their rooms(I'm not exactly sure when..but one of our friends got one of the model rooms..and oh my goodness...they are so nice! The food at the wedding reception was SOOOO GOOD...all my guests raved about it. They def really try hard for the reception haha they said it was the best buffet wedding dinner they had. Meaganrose03, what is most important to you in picking a place? I am a pretty picky person and I really think everything worked out really well. The cool part about it being an all inclusive resort was that..if you ordered something that you don't really like, you can always order another entree...and so on and so forth =) There were soups that were delish. And the beach was beautiful, people were hardly in their rooms. And the wedding department at dreams is excellent!!!! At night, we went to the lounge/sports bar called DESIRES that is apart of Dreams I believe...they can even change the music for you to your likeing, which I thought was awesome! So we had dance party on the first night we went and we went there for our after party on our wedding night. The gazebo can be a bit windy at times, but the spa ladies can spray your hair so that it stays intact! It's so worth it. And i was at first worried about the reception on the beach, and worried abotu sand blowing in our food...it was fine, there was no sand blowing in our food. lol and plus it rained during our reception(but it made it even more fun) <~ thats another story for another time! Yes, I can go on and on and on. Def. let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be more then happy to help ya! I truly loved it...every little detail! and the place was reallllly reallly pretty!!!!!!! and seriously the wedding cooridinator made such a big difference, I was not stressed at all! They may be slow at responding to your questions, but when you are there, they really make everything happen! and everything just looks amazing. If there is anything I can help answer, please let me know, because Im sure I asked it already. I had a gazillion questions. Joanne can be the witness to that =) And thanks a million to this forum! Omg, you guys prepared me well and it was everything you guys said it would be. Future Dreams brides, IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! best day of my life <3 ok back to cramming for my exam!
  5. i am back!!!! omg everything was perfect. cant wait to tell you guys all about it.
  6. To the past brides, did any of you pack your OOT bag and items into a box to be shipped at the airport(instead of carrying it in your suitcases)? I'm just worried that, as I pass through Customs...they are going to want to open the boxes and see that I have like 60 something baggies of goody bags... that they'll think I'm trying to sell it. and hopefully they wont convascate it (
  7. Girls!!! My fiance found this http://dreamscancun.movitas.com/CMS/MobiRenderContent.aspx?contentGroupID=18184 it's pretty cool! it shows you all the restaurants at dreams cancun, their hours, and their menu =)) http://dreamscancun.movitas.com/CMS/MobiRenderContent.aspx?contentGroupID=17331 theres weather info, room service menu, hotel map, excursion and tour info and etc..you just have to click around... i wish i saw this earlier for my pre-wedding newsletter. If you wanted to give your guests some info before they get here...this is a great site ) hope it helps!
  8. Hi Cricket2168! I've never posted a wedding review before! however, I just went to look at it too... it seems they closed that part. I think they want you to post it here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-cancun-resort-spa-luxury-all-inclusive and then somewhere on the page(not too far down) it says this: Share Your Opinion. Rate this Item. Share your thoughts with the community about this item so that you can help other users decide. Hope this works! Cant wait to read your review )) -michelle
  9. Congrats nurseM and emeraldy82!!! So excited for you girls!!! I'll be there in 3 weeks!
  10. awesome review!!! I love pink too I have a maggie dress too! Everything is gorgeous!!! thank you for posting this review!
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