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  1. Thanks so much for posting about your wedding - we booked William for our wedding Jan. 15th and I'm excited to hear about more people's experiences! I would love to see some of your pictures when you get a chance!!
  2. I agree about the other thread as well - its really helpful, but so overwhelming! I feel a need to go through and try to read them all b/c its so helpful, but there is no way!! I also agree about wanting to know who is going to book and who isnt! Most of our guests are still up in the air, (i think most are just going to book online, our travel agent is not the best, and online booking is cheaper), its just hard to get a headcount as far as planning and OOT bags go. So many of our friends say they are coming, but I know not everyone is going to follow through. We are hoping to send out official invitations next month so we can start getting some definite rsvp's back!!
  3. We're getting married in the gazebo....and hopefully having a beach reception!
  4. Hello All!!! I am getting married at the Gran on Jan. 15th (exactly 6 months away!) We starting planning really early and have been taking a break - and now its time to jump back in! I was wondering if anyone has used the resort photographers/is going to use them (sorry if this has already been discussed - so hard to get through all these helpful posts!)?? I've seen a lot about bringing in an outside vendor, which I've looked into a little, but budgetwise it would be nice to just go with the resort photog.....but I love everyone's amazing pics. Decisions, decisions! Has anyone heard abt the quality of their work? Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for the review!!! It was so helpful and nice to know that everything went so smoothly. I'm getting married at the Gran this January and I've been reading some mixed reviews about the resort on tripadvisor - its just a relief to see pics of an actual wedding there!! I wanted to ask if anyone has used the resort photographers and if so, how were they? I want awesome pics but at the same time and trying to balance it out in the budget...
  6. Hi Ladies! I'm getting married Jan. 15th at the Gran Porto Real in Playa. Its so nice to read about other January brides! We booked our hotel and wedding date and then sent out save the dates pretty early....and then took a break from the planning. Its time to get back to it - exactly 6 months away!! This website is amazing, but its all a little overwhelming...I havent finished reading everyone's posts yet. We only have about 10 people booked at this point, but I'm pretty sure we will have between 30 and 40 guests - trying to gently remind people that they need to start planning. When are you guys going to mail out your invitations? Have you thought about when you will ask people to rsvp by? I thought I read that I have to supply the guest list 45 days prior to the wedding??
  7. Thanks for all the messages!! And to answer your question, yes, we have booked our room and the wedding - exactly 6 months to go! We were just contacted by our wedding coordinator, Ana, a few weeks ago. She is awesome!! She responds to our emails very fast - same day - and has been able to answer all of our questions!
  8. Hi! I just joined and will be getting married at the Gran on January 15, 2011. I'm so happy to see posts from other Gran Porto brides!! We still have a ways to go, but I would love to hear more from the Brides getting married this year...any tips?! We havent done much planning yet, I was wondering how much is done ahead of time and how much you do when you get there? We're working with a travel agent and haven't had any direct contact with the resort yet. My fiance and I have never been to the Gran, however we did eat at the Royal one day when we were in Playa - the pool/beach area was really nice, cant wait to see the Gran!!
  9. Hello All!! My name is Meghan and my fiance and I will be getting married at the Gran Porto Real in Playa del Carmen on January 15, 2011. We are so excited and I am hoping to link up with some other Gran Porto brides to get some planning tips!!
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