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  1. I know we are toying with the idea of a holiday but we only have a one bedroom apartment so would like an extra bedroom really. Tunbridge Wells is quite an expensive town as it supposed to be a posh spa town - but its no dif than anywhere else really. Ideally we want to stay here otherwise we will move about 6 miles outside as you get so much more value for your money. I dont have much of a mortgage so if we play our cards right we may be able to get a holiday and move in at the beginning of next year - fingers crossed!!! We used Octavio Montes - there are some really
  2. I think it will be quiet on here now for a while as its coming up to the low season (wet/hurricane season) in Mexico so the bookings tend to reduce in numbers. Look the brochures and invites. I need something to plan!!!!! We are hoping to move to a bigger place this time next year so will have to start looking now obviously! LOL.
  3. Buster wore a linen suit - which we didnt get until 10 days before we left - lol!!! He got in from Debenhams. Was only about £99. We got married in January at sunset and it was still 24C then anything else and he would have been so uncomfortable. Esp as its so hot out there now.
  4. Looks like you girls leaving in the next couple of days will have just escaped the Icelandic volcano which has erupted again they reckon it wont affect internation flights at present but wont be able to confirm for 24 hours. Michelle I know the feeling about running around like a headless chicken - you will be fine with the luggage going out it will just be coming back that they are really strict. Cant believe one by one we are all becoming married women!!!!
  5. Welcome back Nicy it went so quickly. Well I am now officially married in the eyes of the law here in the UK as we got our legalised wedding certificate today. Better change my name and get a new signature! Michelle your time is nearly here I cant believe it - where is the time going!!!
  6. Note to B2B - THIS MAKE CAUSE CONFUSION WITH THE MALE BRAIN!!!! I wore mine on my right hand and yes you've guessed it Buster tried to put my wedding ring on that finger. It caused a laugh but my bro assures me I gave him the look of death - afterwards he said why did you do that you told me its goes on the finger your engagement ring is on - lol!!!
  7. Hey Nicy I often come on here and read what you ladies are doing and what stages you are all at but I had to reply to your post as honestly I went through absolutely every feeling you have listed. 1. I had some contact with the WC during the build up to the day but nothing about 2 months before I left I literally turned up at the hotel not knowing what to expect but as soon as we got to reception and checked in they knew we were getting married; treated us like royalty and the next day we had a note under the door from the WC confirming our meeting. They are just so laid back and hone
  8. U will soon realise Thomas Cook & Thomson dont know their arse from their elbow!! lol
  9. Hey ladies To put your mind at rest about document translation etc - just check with your hotel direct but as long as your name on your birth certificate is exactly as it appears on your passport you will be ok and wont need anything translating. My husband had to have his birth certificate and change of name deeds translated as he changed his name and this in total cost about £300. When you get to Mexico and sit down with your wedding co-ordinator you will see the amount of paperwork they have to do to make your wedding a legal one! It is colossal! One thing which I will say wh
  10. Hey ladies just checking in and saw a couple of points might be able to help you with: 1. They still accept peso and dollars like they always have done. If u use your credit card that will be calculated in dollars. 2. For those of you flying with Thomson we took our letter with us when we checked in about the additional luggage and there were no quibbles over anything but be warned.... You have to spread your extra 10kgs each over 2 bags ie; you will end up taking 6 bags if you use all your allowance and the 2 additional bags to your suitcase have to weigh exactly 5kgs each I cannot t
  11. The disco is quite bad!!! But after a few drinks it seems ok! They played Michael Jacksons Black or White followed by a Gloria Estefan track - theres no mixing - lol! I'm sure your DJ could play some tracks from your ipod as we didnt have a DJ but played the ipod from the hotels speaker system and it was as good as any DJ. I had my acrylic nails done at the salon and they were quite good - not as good as back home - but she knew it was my wedding day and went that extra mile - the lady who did my nails spoke quite good english and she did a lot of the translating for another bride
  12. For those of you having an AHR you MUST wear your dress again - everyone loved the fact we wore our outfits again; and the rest of the 15 who came with us did as well - we all chose to do it after a few too many Tequilas. Might go and pop it on again this morning - lol :-) Nicy - I'll dig some photos out from the AHR X
  13. Hey I know this sounds harsh but this is your wedding it doesnt matter what colour they preferred if you have your heart set on a colour scheme you should just say well sorry ladies but I have chosen turquoise as my colour scheme and I'm sure we will be able to find something we all like in this colour. With regards to the dresses and one of your BMs being pregnant why dont you wait for a couple of months you will be suprised what you will find when you need to find something. Once you have said the colour is definately confirmed you can then carry on planning all the sashes, ties etc and th
  14. Heres a few photos - if any of you are on Facebook please feel free to add me Jo 'Thomas' Stopps as you can then have a proper look at all the photos. Just let me know who you are :-)
  15. Hey ladies I finally have some time to myself - it was an absolute whirlwind before we left and has been since we returned as we have our AHR just a week after we got back. I am soooooooo pleased we got married in Mexico and wouldnt have changed it for a thing. Heres a quick run down of my day. I shared the bed the night before our wedding with my 'HUSBANDS' sister she was one of your BMs and he spent the night in his brother room. We woke up and it was very warm but very overcast. I didnt really care as long as it wasnt raining! I went and got my nails done at the hotel spa at
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