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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mmc1105 Ughhh I'm having this problem too! Can you girls share what dress/designer you found that looks good on you? mine was a galina signature from david's bridal. a size 2 fit me perfectly - no alterations needed, except to take the hem up about an inch or so. good luck ladies, i'm sure you'll find something that'll make you look and feel gorgeous!
  2. i got a message from my friend, who was at my wedding, a couple of weeks ago. she said that she was looking through my wedding pictures and was crying all over again! i'm so happy to know that all that hard work on the ceremony script was worth it. i LOVED our ceremony!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Same here Linds, I do love babies, just loving my friends babies at the moment! Linds are you seriously 24? You're so young! Lucky girl! oh shoosh, you're young too! i'd trade to go back to 28!! Quote: Originally Posted by mlabbe Our big plan right now is "just" our honeymoon - we are heading out for 2 years around the world! When we come back, we'll have to figure out where we want to live first, and then it will be baby-making time! 1 would be perfect, maybe 2... I'm not sure. Last day at work is this Friday, my BD is tomorrow (I'm turning 30) - yikes! happy birthday, and wow, what a fantastic honeymoon! i'll admit that i'm more than a little jealous. where will you be spending all your travel time? Quote: Originally Posted by Girasole You guys are all so young! I'll be 34 at the end of July and so feeling my clock ticking. J and I stopped "preventing" a baby but who know what will happen...we've been together 5 years, own a home & feel pretty settled but some days we look at our friends with kids and think...so glad that's not us, we have freedom! So, whatever happens, happens is our thought : ) hooray for the 30s. seriously, they're so much better than the 20s! definitely something nice about being settled! ladies, i think it's absolutely hillarious that we've gone from talking to weddings to talking babies in just a matter of months! personally, we haven't decided yet. i'm 33 and he's 40, so i guess we should figure it out soon! but we're both up in the air. a family would be nice, but it's nice to be free to travel and do things spontaneously. we have an adorable little dog, and that's sometimes enough. IF we do have kids, it would definitely be only one or two. and even that scares the crap out of me.
  4. hi, my husband's father passed away a year ago on the 4th of july. we incorporated a line or two about honoring those who could not be with us on our day. simple, like his dad was. i just wanted to say that i'd be careful about planning on having candles to represent your fathers. i'm not sure where your wedding will be taking place, but beaches tend to be windy. so if you're having an outdoor ceremony, i'd check with your wedding coordinator to see if that's advisable at your site. good luck, and i'm sure both of your fathers would be honored to know that you're thinking about them and incorporating something into your day for them. p.s. my dad is still around, but wasn't able to make the trip for our wedding. ours was a small ceremony, but i walked myself down the aisle. it wasn't weird at all. but i wonder if there is a thread out there somewhere for this subject.
  5. we had 15 guests in mexico. looooved the size.
  6. we just used glass vases while we were in mexico. i bought an extra bag of colored sand and brought a ziplock bag full of beach sand home. we'll just re-enact the sand ceremony once we're ready to put everything together. i didn't want to worry about one more thing to carry home and didn't want the sand to shift around. i'm not the super sentimental kind so i don't mind if it's not the original sand wepoured during our ceremony. but i WILL make my husband pour the new one with me so it's actually both of us blending together (again!).
  7. amy, how fun that you get two kinds of pictures! hope the second set gets here soon!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Shirley_Ken Hello, I leave for my wedding in less than four months! I am getting very excited! For past brides who bought chair sashes, did you use the same ones from the ceremony for the reception site, or do I need to buy double if i get some? Also, is using Chiavari chairs an option? Can I use them for both ceremony and reception? Thanks! i brought my own chair sashes. i hadn't even thought about bringing additional sashes for the reception! but my onsite WC had them moved from the ceremony site to the beach reception site (right next to the ceremony site). my group was small, only about 15 guests, so it wasn't that much work. but i'm sooo glad that she had it done! i would check with your WC to see if they're able to do this. if you have a little time between your ceremony and reception, i would guess that they would move them for you! Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsYak Does anyone have a copy of the sched for a symbolic ceremony? Like the order an everyhing? I remember seeing someone post it, put I just went back many pages and can't find it. FI's uncle will be performing our ceremony and I wanted to send him that as an idea... we just brought our own ceremony, which my mom performed. with a symbolic, you're pretty much able to do whatever you want to do! but have you checked out the thread about ceremony scripts? it's super helpful and gives a ton of ideas. that thread was huge in helping us write our ceremony!
  9. ladies, it's been a while since i've been on here, but i'm trying to keep up with everyone. congrats to all the new MRS. out there! woot woot! Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa DSO Well, my dress ordeal is over and I got my dress a few hours ago. I am for sure gonna die of heat in it, but not too bad in November from what I hear. I'm gonna have them cut a lot of the train off so it's not too ridiculous: Angelina - by Maggie Sottero yay, the quest is over! and that's a gorgeous dress - nicely done! can't wait to see you in it! Quote: Originally Posted by SarahE786 I was also curious if people might have an idea of how many weddings there actually tend to be each day? I know that my WC rebekah told me there could be up to 6, and I've seen on TripAdvisor recently people (non-wedding resort guests) complaining about the number of weddings going on and quoting numbers like 7,8 and 9 which seems like a bit of an over estimate! Any thoughts? I just don't want to to feel like a "wedding factory" because I think the Royal is so gorgeous and perfect for what I want!! :-) when i was there in may, there were a LOT. i would say maybe 6-8 per day. they were churning them out and i could see one on either side of me. i LOVED my location at playa norte at the gran porto, though. i think it's the most private by far of the two resorts. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Stephanie~ Ok so I am not going to get to my review for a while but I wanted to share the 2 major problems I had with my wedding with you girls so you can be prepared and not have the same problems I did....I am still trying to get over it, I have been so upset ever since my wedding but there is nothing I can do and I just hope when I get my video back that I don't feel upset all over again...since its all on video! that really bites the big one. i can't believe she had the gall to CALL you! unbelievable! i hope that you are soon able to let go of the things that went wrong and focus on the things that went right, the beauty of the day and the fact that you got to marry a great guy! Quote: Originally Posted by duprk452 I didn't end up getting them all back, which i was a little disappointed about because I wanted to be able to give them to someone on here, but we were so busy the last few days I guess I forgot. I do have about 5-6 that were not used that I brought home. They come in packs of ten and are VERY easy to transport. i didn't get mine back either, and i DID check back into the office and ask for everything. my chair sashes, all the fabric for the huppah, and the flowers i brought were not able to be returned to me. rather disappointing! Quote: Originally Posted by nursegrad2010 How "private" is their beach? I know no beaches in Mexico are technically private, but is their beach super crowded? How often does that ferry come and go and do you really notice the crowds coming on and off it? That's really my only biggest concern... other than that I love the place... and I especially love how it's adults only and 5th Avenue is right around the corner!! my ceremony was at 6pm. i felt like it was the most private area possible. and though i didn't notice it during the ceremony, there are people in the background of my pics etc. but it doesn't bother me at all. it's part of getting married on the beach, in a public area. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan By the way for past brides who had their reception on the beach was there an issue with sand in food. No one mentioned but I thought I would ask. We are thinking about doing a private dinner on the beach as a gift for our parents. Any thoughts? nope, no problem with sand in the food at all. the food was completely sand free!
  10. i had thank yous printed and included several pictures: then there was one more picture on the back side, where we included our contact information as well. it was really easy - i just created it in PowerPoint. thank you.pdf
  11. have you ladies started selecting pictures and putting together an album? we haven't yet, but i've been thinking about it and i have no idea how we're going to decide. we have at least 1,200 pictures and there are hundreds that i like. i am thinking that i'll be including ones that 1) will tell the story of the events and 2) take my breath away or make me laugh or melt a little inside...
  12. mrs. yak to-be - i did the symbolic, and there is nothing that makes it any different from a regular wedding back at home. the only thing missing was the fingerprints, but i've never seen anyone do that at home! it's as real as it is to you and your FI! running bride - i did a similar thing. i had mini pails with names and colored mini-umbrellas to signify the guests' entree selections. guests just grabbed their pails and sat where ever they wanted, and the wait staff was still able to see their entree selection. definitely no seating chart needed if you don't want one! ha, we did, however, have to re-arrange the umbrellas in guest's little pails. the wind, apparently, had blown the umbrellas out of the buckets and then got mixed up when replaced. good thing our party was small and i could remember pretty much what everyone had chosen! for those i couldn't remember, i just checked with the guests and let everyone know to make sure they had the right umbrella color!
  13. thanks for loving up on my pictures ladies! hope everyone can get in and see them now!
  14. hmmm, i know a few people have been able to see them, but i'll try again. album 1 Diane York's Photos - Noel & Diane's Wedding 1 | Facebook album 2 Diane York's Photos - Noel & Diane's Wedding 2 | Facebook another option is to check out the gallery on my photographer's website. i don't think he has as many there (and likely doesn't have some of my favorites) but you could also check them out there if the links above don't work. Andy Blenkush Photography i think that should bring you into the client tab already. password is CarmenDelPlaya enjoy!
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