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  1. Hi Everyone, I just got back from my wedding in the Mayan Riviera. When I left on November 14th I was a Grand Riviera Princess bride. An hour and a half into our flight an explosion happened at the Grand Riviera Princess in the Platinum lounge. Our rooms were reserved in the Platinum area. When we arrived at Cancun Airport we had no idea about the accident. We got on our bus and proceeded towards our Resort. Our first stop was The BlueBay Grand Esmeralda. Several guests got off the bus and then we were told we would also be staying at the BlueBay. We flew WestJet Vacations and we
  2. How is everyone wording their programs if a parent has passed? I wanted to include our fathers names under parents of the bride/parents of the groom. I can't decide if is should put (the late) Firstname Lastname or Firstname Lastname (the late) or ? Any advice?
  3. does anyone know of any good flower shops in Playa Del Carmen? I'd like to have a single flower for each father but don't want to go through the hotel to order just two flowers.
  4. Thanks for sharing, it's always great to have girls on here that have been through it. I don't know where else I would go to find out the answers to all of my questions!
  5. Congrats and welcome, this site is amazing and has so many great ideas!
  6. Congrats and welcome... don't be nervous, you'll find that having a destination wedding was the best decision you ever made.
  7. I love this idea and totally helped me check off another thing on my list... Thanks!
  8. Wow, these look great! I am hoping to do something similar! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Congrats, I am getting married there Nov 2010. There are a couple really great threads and a group on FB.
  10. Welcome and congrats fellow canadian bride. You'll find so many great reviews on here. Your cousin will be able to help you narrow it down. We are going to Mayan Riviera for that price range but it all depends on time of year, what you want in a resort, etc. Planning a DW is so fun, Good Luck!
  11. Congrats and happy planning, There are so many helpful reviews on here. Have you tried consulting a travel agent that specializes in DW. Choosing on your own can be overwhelming so it's nice to have someone do the work for you and narrow it down.
  12. I hear Hawaii is amazing but more expensive than Mexico. Either place would make a great backdrop for a beautiful wedding.
  13. We used Pingg.com too and it was great and free. For just over a dollar you can send a "postcard" version of your evite in the mail (for the electronically challenged) Because our wedding was so close (Nov 2010) we had a short booking window to book for our group discount so we didn't have time to send paper invites. We called everyone to tell them we were sending the evite and within a week and a half we has RSVP for all 40 people!
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