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  1. I booked Gonzalo for my wedding! I love his work, he always answered my questions (and very quickly). He also was very flexible with my needs. I think his work is wonderful and at a very reasonable cost. Amelia
  2. I love his work... I am considering him also as my photographer!
  3. Hi Leah! Have you tryied in Playa or Tulum? I think that this places have nicer beaches.. Amelia.
  4. I'm beginning looking for photographers. I've seen Gonzalo Nunez work and is excellent. I think I'll contact him...
  5. Hi Morgane! Welcome to the forum! Riviera is the perfect choice!! Playa, Tulum are excelent places!
  6. hello I am getting married at Gran Las Velas in Riviera, wondering how to decorate my altar, talking about flowers, I found the perfect place for flower arrangement called LA FLORE, I had found roses, orchids, gardenias... very beautiful flowers that will make a perfect combination of contrast over the turquoise sea giving a special touch.... Wich flowers are you using? Amelia Palmer
  7. Welcome! Riviera it is also another great place!! Happy planning!!
  8. Thanks a lot for all your tips!! finally after researching and reading, I will stay at the Grand Velas!
  9. I´ve found another hotel: Grand Velas suite and spa, it is surrounded with exuberant jungle and beaches of white sand.. It has a contemporary decoration, Mexican style. with a view to the sea it is situated in the Riviera Maya, to only 45 minutes of Tulum.. any comments?
  10. I was checking: El Dorado Royal and Dreams Tulum, such a beautiful places!
  11. Thanks! I am so excited! I will check out the Riviera Maya forum!! and thanks for the links!! Amelia
  12. Hi! My name is Amelia! I love Riviera, and I am thinking about to have my wedding there... Any idea about a hotel, Spa.. (no too expensive please..) it will be welcome I am starting!! Thanks!! Amelia!
  13. This is a review of:

    Gonzalo Nunez Photography

    I love his work

    Pros: Creative, flexible
    I love his photojournalistic style. I talked to him, he is honest and show me a true interest in helping me. I found that his packages are excellent in value and price.
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