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  1. He is very good As I said before, we were VERY happy with our photos and have no regrets!
  2. Hi girls, I just wanted to say HI to everyone, I was married in April and my words of advise for those of you that are stressing about every last detail, dont sweat it, the day will pass without a hitch and all the minor little things that you didn't have to to get done the night before, no one will notice except you  Enjoy your day!!
  3. For those of you that are looking for a wedding photographer for your destination wedding In Jamaica, I would highly reccommend the photographer my husband and I used, Devon Shaw along with his wife Sophia at Jamaican Wedding Photos. He was very professional and very understanding of my concerns of hiring someone sight unseen, now looking back I wish I wouldn't have stressed out about it so much because of pictures were beautiful! The only complaint i would have about this photographer is that he showed up about 5 mins b4 the wedding started, making our wedding co-ordinator very unhappy,and she was on my case about " so where is your photographer". All in all, if you are considering using this photographer or you are looking for a photographer for your jamaican wedding I would have no worries with this photographer They called me several times from jamaica to make sure i was doing ok with the reservations, if i had received my photos, etc. Awesome, awesome people you will not be disappointed!
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