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  1. Thank you for the great review. I will be getting married at Dreams Los Cabos this September.
  2. OOOOOOOO Girl, I love Valentin. The Chapel is so beautiful and the hotel is amazing. I have never been to a wedding there but I have stayed there many times. I love this place. Any questions you have about the resort, holla at cha gurl.
  3. Brides, I am on a major budget, like $1400 max. I need a photographer. I don't need a thousand photos I just need some really good ones. If anyone has recommendations please help me out. Thanks.
  4. Please BRIDES ONLY POST...I do not need another vendor saying, "Good luck, I am sure you will find everything you need in this forum." I need brides to tell me what photogrpher they hired. How they liked the photographer? How much did you pay? Would you hire this person again? Thank you Brides.
  5. Thank you so much everyone. So this is a silly question: But I totally am assuming I have to go outside what the resort package offers and I should get my own photographer and own flower vendor? Am I correct? I totally thought I just sign the contract and they give me everything but now I am seeing people are recommending photographers and certain vendors and I just want to make sure I am in the loop. I know I know I am totally a not with it bride...
  6. Hi, I am so grateful this site exists. I am totally lost. I am getting married Sept. 3, 2011 at the Dreams Los Cabos and just do not know where to start. Looking forward to reading all the reviews.
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