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  1. Thanks ladies! Im so excited and cant wait to feel/hear our little one!
  2. Well ladies, I'm joining the ranks! As of Friday, our pregnancy was confirmed after four months of trying Baby's ETA is May 26, 2009.... We told his parents this morning, we'll share the news with my side on Friday in person.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by cb280182 Hi, I know you posted your review a few months ago (hoping you will be logging on still) I see you had the Catholic Gazebo and wondered if you could answer a few questions. I had emailed the hotel but yet to have a response. Did you have to have any baptism/confirmation documents to enable you to get married in that location by a catholic minister? Reference the decoration: did you request the carpet be taken up (looks a lot better without it!) and did you bring your own petals or did the hotel provide them? they make a lovely effect so may be stealing that idea from you!! many thanks Hi! Our symbolic ceremony was actually performed by a non-denom minister, so no proof of religious ties were necessary, just our marriage certificate from california. As far as the carpet goes, we just requested to go without and they rolled it up for us. I originally intended to have a white aisle runner too, but packing it was a hassle. We toted freeze dried petals down with us. although we both got a green light at customs, we were questioned at customs because a sticker had been placed on the tote. When they finally figured out that it wasnt food, they let us proceed without further incidence. The resort does/did have fresh petals available for purchase, but they were ungodly expensive. We were told that it would take six bags to do what we did, and at $40 a pop, I wasn't even going to croach the subject with dh. The freeze dried ones came from flyboy and arrived in a clear trash bag with a bow tying it shut. After looking through the requirement for customs, we ended up sealing them up in several food saver bags and they kept well for about 7 months in a cool dry place. As far as quality goes, there is better quality out there, but they served their purpose well and at 1/3 of the price. Hope this helps!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b I am not sure who mentioned this earlier, maybe Camie, but it was mentioned you need to bring a certified copy of your marriage licence to MP. Can you get yours that quickly? I have heard that we need to give it a couple weeks before we can get ours. You arrive the same day as most of our guests. We arrive on July 5th - leave the 16th. I originally thought we would be by ourselves the first few days and have guests there till we left. We found out last week some will be arriving the same day as us but all our guests will leave monday after the wedding giving us a few days at the end. Nibsmom, We have not heard anything from Kelena either. My TA is calling her contact today to see what is up. Have you heard any bride actually say they had her as the WC? Eureka, I am surprised they have already assigned some of your stuff. I want the Bugumbilia Gazebo and they will not confirm it...... just put in a request for it. What have you heard about the Tucan being cooler? I would contact your county clerk to find out about waiting time. Every state and potentially every county is different. For Nevada and California, its the same day. We got legally married at the courthouse and were able to apply for the license, have the ceremony performed, and walk out the door with a certified copy all within an hour. A law had also been recently passed that included on the certificate was my legal name change. Nothing further to do aside present the certificate to Social Security and DMV.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom Hey all! For anyone who's been to the MP, are room keys actual keys or cards? I was thinking of getting those coil bracelets to put in my OOT bags so people can put their keys on them - does the MP already hand anything like this out? Its a key card.... and something I had never seen before is that you have to enter your card into a slot once your inside the room for the lights to work.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bemsleblanc Hi Camie, I asked Rosy about this and she said since we are doing the symbolic ceremony, all we need are our ID's! Thanks for the heads-up though...that could have been a big mess!!! Unless their requirements have changed within the last two months, its just the opposite. Our symbolic wedding was April 2nd and we had to present a certified copy of our legal marriage certificate at the appointment with our WC. We were never asked for our IDs.
  7. I bit the bullet and went with Vista Print....making sure to click "No, Thanks" and "Skip" on every offer... Now I'm going to be watching my credit card like a hawk.
  8. DWandMJ


    Forgive me, but I can't comprehend why people are so paranoid about this swine flu, to the point of cancelling a vaca or even worse, their weddings. Thats as bad as having people pull out because of the drug cartels in Mexico kidnapping and murdering people. Pretty good chances that its not going to affect you or any of your guests. Theres some kind of flu epidemic every year. Just stay away from the livestock and wash your hands regularly. And for safety sake, stay along the well beaten tourist path.
  9. I had every intention of printing our AHR postcard invitations through VistaPrint, but after reading some definate negative feedback (including monthy unauthorized charges for one time purchases) throughout the web, I'm a bit leery. Can anyone recommend a safe/ decent/ reasonably priced alternative printer?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b Your review was great! I have a question about the photography package. Did you have a contract early on or sign anything? I got the price list when I signed my wedding contract and mine does say $780 for package E. What did they say when they told you it had increased to $950? Have you received your package yet? Are you happy with the photos they chose and the album? We did sign a contract early on and are purchasing the Deluxe Package. It came with a price sheet and check sheet to turn in to the WC to purchase additional items. There was no contract for the add ons, only the actual wedding ceremony package (which we chose a free one). It clearly states on the website that prices are subject to change (with regard to the optional services)without notice so I didn't say a word because I knew that I didn't have a leg to stand on. I am very happy with our photos. We had a number of them that are awesome. I took the album to work to show the girls and they all had a different favorite. I can't even decide on a favorite because there are som many tht turned out to be frame-worthy. I had some mixed feelings going in because photos were so important to me (not so much DH so he fought me on spending anything on them) and I knew that our budget was so limited that we couldn't afford the cost of the photographer plus their accomodations even for one night. After seeing the final products, I wouldn't hestiate to do it the same way again. The forum definately exposes us to the refined and as a result we have higher expectations than if we never found this sanctuary. Its crazy how skewed our perception can become. I can see our photos meeting par to a lot of those shared on the forum, but in real life, they far exceed any of my friends' wedding photos. Maybe its because we live in a small town with limited resources, but half of the people that have seen them in person have actually remarked that they look like something out of a magazine.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Eureaka Hey everyone, Does anyone have any opinions about the different Gazebos? I just found out that we are scheduled to be a Bugambilia gazebo and the terrace for the cocktail hour. However, we are scheduled to stay at the newer section on the other side of the resort. I am thinking about seeing if we could be switched to the Tucan gazebo since it is much closer to the Grand Moon section. I would like the cocktail hour to be right near the gazebo though... Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks! Erika I'm definately partial to the Chapel Gazebo. It doesn't have the arches that the other two do. There is glass in the windows to block out the wind. The entrance (in my opinion) is far superior because there is a wrap around pond/creek water feature with a little bridge that you cross to get the gazebo. The altar is a light color that works better with the rest of the color scheme. And there are pretty pews instead of the white chairs. We had a small wedding party and the minimal amount of chairs would have been depressing.
  12. Good call! and cute idea! I making it my goal to have it drafted up tomorrow! Thanks for the input!
  13. Thanks all! There is a beach right next door to the Forum mall. Theres a parking garage and you literally walk out the entrance of the garage and around the cement wall and you're there. The beach we shot at was further north in downtown. It was a locals beach. I can ask Cecilia what the name of the beach was.
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