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  1. wow this forum has been very quiet! Any weddings lately?! Post the reviews and pics!
  2. We left for our trip on a Friday and got married on a Tuesday. My hubby's hair grew very quickly! but he was too skeptical to trust the resort to line him up. (we also got married in Mexico). But it depends on how quick your fi's hair grows.
  3. I would say the braids. But if your sides/edges are really skimpy, the micros may be really spacy. Also, have you thought about tree braids?
  4. I have worn my hair like this before. I use long curly half wigs, and just pull it to the side into a ponytail! It's really easy to accomplish this look, and you don't have to pay a bunch of money for a sew-in! I have used Outre half wigs (the names of the wigs are Sabina or Rihanna). I am going to do my hair like this again for the holiday, so I will post a pic up when I am done. Can you imagine that for under $20 you can have your perfect wedding hairstyle!
  5. wish I had known about the split cap weave before my wedding! You look wonderful! I need some more details about the split cap weave because I am going on a cruise in Jan and don't want braids. Anyway, since this forum has been so helpful to me when I was getting ready for my destination wedding, I figured I should let others know what I did for my wedding hairstyle. we got married May 2010 at Valentin Imperial Maya in Mexico. Beautiful place! I decided to do Invisible braids, but most of them slipped out when I washed them during the vacation! You cant see the braids in the picture, but I pulled the hair to the side and pinned; curls achieved with flexi-rods and mousse
  6. your braids are so pretty! you look absolutely stunning. How did you wash your braids and go swimming? Did any of the braids slip out?
  7. so based on divadivine25´s experience with the invisible braids, i decided to try them out. i am so glad i did! I am in Mexico and it is soooo hot! but beautiful! I love the fact that I don{t have to constantly do my hair every morning! I got wet and wavy human hair 18 inches. I can just wash my hair and go! just let it air dry or dry with a blow dryer, and it looks so pretty!!! I am not an expert with these braids but let me know if anyone has any questions. Getting married on Tuesday-wish me luck!!!
  8. My issue is that my waist is small but I'm too tall for petite sizes! As far as the dress, I'm going to wear "dressy flip flops" because we are having the ceremony on the beach. my dress seems a little short because it's a 0P and I'm 5'4, so wearing heels may look funny too.
  9. valentinbride


    Congrats and welcome to the forum. Good luck with your planning!
  10. thanks for the info! I'm getting micros (I want invisible but my hair is too long) and I will be in Cancun for 12 days! So I definitely want my braids to look good after all the time in the pool and ocean
  11. I never wanted a big wedding but I would like for my immediate family to be there. I don't know maybe I'm having mixed feelings because the wedding is less than 2 months away. And we are not having a reception at home so that makes me feel even worse. Sigh...
  12. wow you all are tiny! I'm a little taller (5'4) and still a size 0 so I'm a bean pole lol. Definitely will need alterations to my dress. So many people think small people have it easy when fitting into clothes and it's not true! And hoyt75 I know you definitely have a rough time finding dresses to fit! And please make sure to write a review of the Valentin because you are getting married before me (May 1. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Hey Ladies! Just wondering how many of you had a hard time finding a dress that fits well because you are small? I finally found my dress, size ZERO! and it still fits a little big in the chest area! Am I the only one? hehe
  14. Congratulations! The Palace resorts are great. I originally picked Cozumel Palace but realized that it wasn't a beachfront resort. So after days and days of research I picked Valentin Imperial Maya. Anywho, congrats and good luck.
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