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  1. I bought my dress ladies!!! I love it! It's light, comfortable and a little sexy, everything I wanted! I'm going to add a little spice to it with a bridal belt.
  2. Great idea!!!!! My bridesmaids are kinda divided, lol better do that ASAP
  3. I accidentally deleted all the pictures of ME in my dress... but here it is on a (curveless) model I'm removing the strap and the train... can't wait!
  4. Just to restate EVERYTHING these ladies said, it's your day! I went into the bridal shops KNOWING I'd be getting married on the beach and even though I thought I should choose something less formal flowy and light, I ended up choosing a heavy mermaid couture gown... that I LOVE. Its your day and you have to love your dress, don't change your dress for your destination Just to give you an idea, this is the dress I'm wearing!
  5. Whoa! I missed this thread! Congrats to you!!!!! Love the colors and were also doing OOT bags but I am doing seperate gifts for the bridal party. Totally understand how people say they're coming but who knows?! We invited 100 people and expect about 40 but since the wedding isn't until 11/3/2011 we won't really have an idea of how many are coming until April or so I'm assuming. We've got all our plans nailed down pretty much with Sandos. I JUST found my dress yesterday so that was pretty exciting. But everything else is done, bridesmaids have their dresses. The guys know what they're wearing music is chosen etc. What about you?
  6. You'll probably buy souvenirs or things like that while you're down there so you'll be fortunate to have an extra bag They are- the prices are slightly higher in the 2011 but not by much.
  7. Or their Maiden name... I thought about that too... I would probably just do their maiden name or their first name alone... I found this too, so cute! http://www.etsy.com/listing/62297303/single-dainty-disc-with-pearl-and?ref=sr_gallery_24&ga_search_query=Bridesmaid%2BGifts&ga_search_type=handmade This is pretty too... http://www.etsy.com/listing/66533872/love-necklace?ref=sr_gallery_19&ga_search_query=Bridesmaid%2BGifts&ga_search_type=handmade
  8. I'm going to do the following for the welcome bags: Advil/Pepto/Sunscreen/Mini Tequila Shot Bottles/Flip Flops and then a few trinkets like you said from in town. I'm sure we'll add more once we think of it, but we thought that would be fun! mjeeward - Did Maria say if that included a bar tender etc as well?? That seems like a much better plan than the Disco even.
  9. beach.rani - I'm also using Octavio Montes. He's really got the best prices and the reviews are all fantastic for him.
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