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  1. We are using him too! He is very quick to respond to emails and so helpful! We are doing the 3 hr package.
  2. Hey girls! Is ME adults only or are kids allowed?
  3. We are getting married in Mexico on October 8th, returning home to Atlanta on October 13th, and having our ATH on October 22nd....so about 8 days after we get home. I originally wanted to do it November 12th so it would be exactly a month but I started getting feedback from family that its getting too close to Thanksgiving so we moved it up....I think anything from 1 week to 1-2 months should be fine...but really its whatever works for YOU!!! Good luck!!!
  4. I would create a wedding website, then you can put on the invite "see more details at www.?????.com" where you can have your registry information linked!
  5. I ordered my Maggie Sottero dress in November...I chose "Geneva" I was orginally planning a more traditional wedding in Savannah before we decided to change to the beach so I was unsure at first if I should keep it...but thank to all the wonderful ladies on here with great advice I have decided to keep it and I am soo excited!!! I can't wait for it to come in! Should be March, possibly early April.
  6. Thank you "MVP"!!! I am looking for hair and make-up! Can you email me your prices and information? Hoisthemain@yahoo.com Thanks!!!
  7. WOW!! Thank you all SO much for your responses! I feel soo much better about it now!! I did totally fall in love with the dress originally so I was having a really hard time deciding what to do! Thank you for making the decision easier!!
  8. Hey everyone! I am new on here...my fiance and I have been engaged for 8 months and have been planning a traditional outdoor park wedding in Savannah, GA. Well, it was just getting to big and expensive and stressfull! So we have decided to scratch the whole thing, get married just the two of us on the beach at Secrets Maroma where we are honeymooning...Only problem is, now I'm freaking out that the dress I bought will be too formal for the beach!! Should I get something more casual/flowy? Or stick with it?
  9. My fiance and I were originally looking at Secrets Maroma for our honeymoon and have just decided to get married there! Just the 2 of us! I have read a few good reviews of the Salon there for hair but not great for make-up....suggesstions?
  10. DRESS HELP!!! I bought a Maggie dress, the Geneva, I absolutely LOVE the dress....BUT here's the problem. I bought it when we were planning a wedding in Savannah GA, ceremony in front of a fountain in Forsyth Park, reception in a warehouse-style old railroad museum. Well...everything started getting soo expensive and stressful we just scratched the entire thing are getting married on the beach in Mexico where we are going to honeymoon, and just throw a big party when we get home. It will just be my fiance and I and I soo worried now that my dress is too formal for the beach. I keep going back and forth on whether I should keep it and wear it on the beach or go with something a little more beachy/flowy...I would LOVE some input!!!
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