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  1. June7-- i just returned from my wedding on may 16th. not gonna lie--i wasn't impressed!! it was just my fiance and i-no one else. i think the size of our wedding (essentially--no one) really effected the attention we got from our wedding coordinator (valeria). we LOVED our actual wedding and ceremony--but because of the beach, because of us, and because in the end we got married. the justice of the peace and out photographer were just amazing. first--photography-Octavio Montes--AMAZING. his prices can not be beat and he is a true professional. he showed up 15 minutes early which wa
  2. Hello! I am getting married at Secrets maroma Beach in playa del carmen on May 16th and leave this coming Monday-can't wait!! we are also having a civil ceremony. have you spoken with the resort at all? Saturdays actually do not count as "business days", and neither does the day you arrive. Also-some resorts actually require FOUR business days versus THREE. I believe it depends on the town. So for me, We are arriving on a Monday (does not count as a business day) staying Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (those are our 4 business days) and then getting married on that next Monday. So
  3. scary! Deanna-which airline are you using? we leave monday-i just check our flights and so far-so good! we are flying usairways
  4. thank you!! ugh im so nervous. i will probably run over to the DMV this afternoon. what a PITA!!
  5. ok--sort of freaking out here. i lost my wallet over the weekend. yea. and we leave this coming monday, may 9th for our civil ceremony at secrets maroma beach!!!!!!!! the contents of my wallet contained my credit cards and my drivers license. credit cards are being shiped overnight and i should receive them by tomorrow or wednesday. thats good. but my license?! do i really need that??? because i don't think i can get it in time. i have my passport and *think* that is all that i need to travel internationally and i have my birth certificate which i *think* is all i need for the civil cere
  6. omg that is crazy!!! hopefully you will be able to get some cash for them from craigslist!!! that would absolutely make me look sideways at them.
  7. thats a bummer and would certainly hurt me as well. but can i ask how you came to found out it was discontinued? did you go to the trouble to seek out to find out if this item was a regift?
  8. what are the body types of your bridesmaids? honestly--i have hated any convertible dress i have tried on to the point of not even walking out of the dressing room to show others!!! the chest never fits right and it ends up looking like im wearing a big bag of fabric. BUT i'm 5'10" size 4 and larger busted. i actually think (regardless of what the model pictures show) that if you aren't tall or if you are an average/shorter height and have some curve in your waist and butt-then these would be beautiful!!! but i dont thing bigger busted would EVER work in these dresses. think larger C cup
  9. I need help! below is our invitation that I made with a template from another BDW bride (thank you erin!!!) i like them! i think they are cute and different. Fiance on the other hand thinks they are "too busy". what are your thoughts?? i'm going to print them and glue them front and back on a deep purple cardstock that is about 1/2 bigger than this file. then stuff in deep purple colored envelopes.
  10. have you looked online? what exactly are you looking for that you have had to waste gas in failing to find?
  11. i'm sorry to hear that you were dealing with this on your wedding day.. i have a bff that would have been my MOH if we were having a bridal party (which we are not) and i am so glad that we arent. she also lives in another state and just doesnt seem to care much about our wedding. it is hurtful--but ultimately...friendships are weird and always changing as people do. am i hurt that she cant return a damn phone call to talk about the wedding? yes. but it is her lose. and if she doesnt see it that way--then maybe she isnt really my best friend after all. i will say it is interesting
  12. my FI is getting his eyebrows waxed! he also wants a facial (and so do i!!) but it actually isn't in the budget. BUT-the night before we leave we will most likely go together and get pedicures because he loves them just like i do (side note--what are some brides getting done? i'm pretty much waxing my entire body -ha! arms, legs, armpits, brows, and brazillian. mani/pedi as well. feel a little stupid spending that much money but whatever. i'm gettin married!!)
  13. my fake doesn't look like my real ring too which i think is kind of fun. my real ring is beautiful and i love it, but i told FI that im getting a HUGE rock for my fake ring just for fun
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