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  1. Never had it done, but what an amazing idea! I am going to start dropping hints NOW, haha.
  2. I am a general labourer at a frozen waffle factory, but I have my BA from university and am hoping to upgrade soon, haha.
  3. If I could only pick one thing it would be photography, but I would definately be going somewhere more exotic and paying for all my guests. And for all of them to go on excursions with us.
  4. 1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket 2. Your significant other? Loving 3. Your hair? Wet 4. Your mother? Amazing 5. Your father? Annoying 6. Your favorite thing? Games 7. Your dream last night? forgotten 8. Your favorite drink? vodka 9. Your dream/goal? career 10. The room you're in? cold 11. Your ex? mistake 12. Your fear? snakes 13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? family 14. Where were you last night? work 15. What you're not? exciting 16. Muffins? top 17. One of your wish list items? dyson 18. Where you grew up? changing 19. The last thing you did? showered 20. What are you wearing? casual 21. Your TV? nice 22. Your pets? misbehaved 23. Your computer? sticky 24. Your life? busy 25. Your mood? good 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Your vehicle? messy 28. something your not wearing? ring 29. Favorite Store? winners 30. Your summer? fast 31. Like someone? confused 32. favorite color? red 33. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday 34. Last time you cried? unsure
  5. Rowan Atkinson- Love Actually
  6. Wow I am so impressed! Going to use this as motivation!
  7. I sent out a form where in lieu of a wedding present they could donate money towards our honeymoon (which is really the wedding) and it is all done through the travel agent. Since we have enough people to get the free trip our travel agent will just give us money...
  8. I am just going to the dollar store and buying some stuff that seems beachy and things that a teen would like
  9. I actually found some at the dollar store, they were $2 each but filled with bean bag type stuff, super comfy. As soon as I saw them I changed my whole plan of the welcome bag to give them out before we leave, it is actually turned out to be quite convenient. Obviously I love the idea too!
  10. I am giving mine out before we leave, a month before, and I am just going to change the wording of the welcome letter and make it more of a its time to get excited letter...
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