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  1. TTD Very stormy day so glad finally stopped on the day of our wedding it waited until the days following our wedding (but we still were kinda bummed about lack of sunny TTD photos) I look yucky here and was clenching my muscles because of how cold I was, so my arms look extra buff and I'm not feeling my pretties... but I looooove the backdrop! practicing in the pool for our cenote shoot the next day storm blew the chairs in the pool.. lol at the entrance of the cenote 1, 2, 3! MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TTD SHOT! It's like a mirror up top.. and there's a fishy! Soon to follow... some sunny day after session photos with the resort people after our photogs left. Stay tuned!
  2. Reception This was our fun Tequila Conga Line! Sparklers The dads bouquet toss Garter toss Singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" with the Bridal Party! Now they're engaged! Next up... TTD
  3. OOPS Forgot to mention that last bit wasn't just pre ceremony, but also the Ceremony and Group photos. Can't seem to edit anymore... As Promised, more photos (Romance session, butterfly release, and details) Maracas by Mishka Designs (based in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) Shot glasses by Discount Mugs Butterfly and Dove release by Liberacion-de-Mariposas (based in Cancun) We had, rain (good luck) and a Rainbow! And a beautiful sunset Menus by Vistaprint before the cake stand was assembled. Just put four of our centerpiece vases down as a base, and ordered a 12x12 sheet of square glass to put the cake on top! (centerpieces had water, petals from Target, and submersible LED lights) All lit up! Topper, clear starfish, and some other stuff by Weddingfactorydirect.com Sworovski starfish cake set by Cathy's Concepts Next up.... RECEPTION
  4. Pre-Ceremony, (Bride side shot by Critsey Rowe, Groom side by Thomas Geist) Mireya was the best makeup/hair artist a girl could ask for! Crosstown Sweethearts Opening his gift (my boudoir book) boy opening their gifts (dog tags with their nicknames for all and unique personalized gifts too) my gals opening their gifts (crystal starfish necklaces and a fairy necklace for the flowergirl) Opening my gift (a pink nano) Showing off my "Property of Mouse" undies (his nickname since before I knew him) I did have clip on extensions (real Remy hair from Sally's) to add fullness (not length) so my due would survive the wind! I was very happy with them! Might have to wear them again soon! with his parents before they blew away LOL our wine ceremony box petal toss, programs, and personalized sandalwood fan favors tucked in the guest chair sashes Ahem... the White Sox side (the good side) is not visible at the moment) My homemade boutonnieres (only the grooms held up... lol) See! Lol Sand, wine, and dove ceremony set up I was part of a starfish passing (blue) and started my own (clear) two canisters (one is much smaller and hidden) containing both pairs of grandparents ashes in each our little dancer only my dad came to the destination part (he walked me to the aisle and half way up) Grom started walking toward me when I made it to the aisle We met in the middle We walked the rest of the way with out my dad to face our future together! I thought we got a pic of him falling asleep (I'll have to find it) sooo cute! Wine ceremony (we both wrote love letters the day of the wedding, which were sealed and locked in a box with glasses and a wine bottle at our ceremony. On our five year, we will reopen the box and drink our wine while reading how we felt about one another 5 years ago. Also to be used if the couple ever contemplates ending their marriage; as a reminder of their love and to rekindle the love) Sang to my Groom Dove release His family My family (alot of my friends made it, but my family couldn't besides my dad) The bridal party (sans crabby ring bearer) extra guests To be continued... NEXT UP: ROMANCE SESSION AND RECEPTION DETAILS
  5. i paid for two photogs to stay two nights and I did not get charged a fee (however, this was a little bit ago when they started trying to charge people for outside photogs.. I would just tell them they are your guests (which they are if they are attending your wedding and you are feeding them, so it's not lying). Say we do not want to use the photographer and are relying on guest photos (you also should get to credit that to something else... I added to my video) Claudia and her team are very helpful but have to follow rules from the resort, so as long as you make it easy for them to say yes (and bring along documentation as proof), they will do whatever is in their power! Almost done working on all my reviews ladies! Way too late I know, but I'll send the links when I'm done!
  6. Thank you so much Tammy! I completely understand about running behind. With the craziness that happened after my wedding, I could only do one review at a time and there was alot time in between them. The fact that you responded so quickly in itself is appreciated!
  7. Hello all! I'm hoping to find some help with adding some vendors, especially my photographer (also,my butterfly/dove release and marraca vendors and maybe some sites where I bought favors). When I click "add" I am told to contact an admin. I know from previous experience to navigate the help section first (the tutorial on adding content was deleted when I clicked on it). When that fails, do a search (i did find one other thread asking the same question, but no one responded to her and it was posted a while ago, so I tried bumping it). So, this is my next step before contacting an admin directly. I want to make sure I follow the rules and not create to much clutter on here :-) I really want to review her! I found her through another bride's (Joanna and Lance) review in the old reviews and would love to give other brides a chance to experience her craft. I have a few of her pics in my boudoir review (posted back in the old review style) and in my resort review, but as she's not the resort's photographer (i hired her from the states and she has her own company), it would be hard for anyone to find her on here unless they were looking at that resort. Plus, I havn't posted my awesome TTD and romance photos yet and the review would be a perfect place. Thanks to anyone who can help or direct me to the right answer in advance!
  8. We wanted Secrets too but our free nights were at Dreams. I hear Maroma is the best but would love to try The Vine since it's brand new and one of our favorite servers is moving there!
  9. We wanted Secrets too but our free nights were at Dreams. I hear Maroma is the best but would love to try The Vine since it's brand new and one of our favorite servers is moving there!
  10. Hey everyone we are here in our first anniversary! last night was our actual anniversary and we had a romantic dinner with our wedding menu recreated! Anyone's wedding coming up this week?
  11. What an awesome idea! I heard of people giving stuff beforehand but I could never find a way to do it that wasn't awkward, but this idea is great!
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