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  1. My sister is considering a Catholic Ceremony for her wedding...her resort has a catholic preist who WILL conduct the full catholic ceremony at the outdoor gazebo but not the beach. This Gazebo is not in a shady area and the ceremony will be 45min - 1hour long. I told her that is a long time to expect guests to be comfortable in July..when the temperatures are at the hottest! I can just imagine this being a disaster with people feeling ill from heat exhaustion... Have any of you attended a full catholic ceremony outdoors in the dead of summer? How did it go? Were people uncomfortable?
  2. Both Parents born in Portugal...my moms parents came to portugal from England and Germany, and my dads parents came to portugal from Brazil!
  3. Question, If the Bride and Groom were flying on the same flight as 80% of the guests attending the wedding..how do they distribute the bags? I find that the "welcome letters" etc are catered to the guests arriving after the B&G arrive. Â Also, do you assemble the backs at home and pack them already put together then get the front desk to deliver them to the rooms once the B&G have got to their room and unpacked? My sister wants to do the OOT bags but had so many questions that I myself did not know how to answer! Please tell me how you are distributing your bags to your guests! Â Thanks in advance!
  4. Don't worry about it...from a guests point of view I would feel weird if one wasn't thrown for the Bride!
  5. Thanks for the review...hubs and I are planning on vacationing there in Feb so this is very helpful!
  6. Wow! Love all your stuff and your wedding colours!! So vibrant and fun! Congrats!
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