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  1. I got married July 2, 2010 and I am still waiting for mine. They said it takes up to 3 months. Does anyone know how to have it translated to English or where to have it done?
  2. I got married there and they keep all my copies even the orginals and they wont give them back. I am still waiting for my marriage certificate.
  3. The DJ was awesome. Our wedding was beautiful but the wedding coordinator was the worst. They are very unorganized sorry to say.
  4. Sorry I had to re-post this since my attachment on the previous post wasnt working. Thanks! Wed Sale.doc
  5. This dress is still available. Thanks !
  6. I had to reattach my sale items. The one that was attached was from a previous posting but when the website revamped it was pulling the wrong file..sorry girls.. Wed Sale.doc
  7. Yes I used only a few in a vase with water, rocks, underwater light and floating candle. They are sold. Thanks!
  8. Post- Sale. Please PM me if you are interested in anything, and I will give shipping costs. Thanks! Wed Sale.doc
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